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Disclaimer: God's Word to Women, Inc. does not
necessarily sanction every detail of every article on this site.


A Brief History of Some Women In Minstry by Richard Riss. From the first century to the present God has used women. This article will be an eye opener for most of us.

A Challenge for Proponents of Female Subordination To Prove Their Case from The Bible by Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian. Dr. Bilezikian issues a challenge to prompt Christians to grapple with biblical facts rather than to accept traditional assumptions about female roles. This article is a "must read."

A Message to the Desperate Wife by Germaine Copeland. Germaine Copeland is the author of Prayers that Avail Much and is a seasoned intercessor and counselor. In this article she gives Godly advice to those in abusive marriages.

A Message to the Women of God by Germaine Copeland. Germaine Copeland is the founder and president of Word Ministries, Inc., and author of many books including Prayers That Avail Much. Germaine calls women of God to arise and live according to God's original plan that has been restored in Christ Jesus. To access her books and prayer ministry go to www.prayers.org

A Time Past Due by Gene Edwards. Here is Chapter 1 from Gene Edwards' new book, The Christian Woman . . . Set Free. In his highly readable style, Edwards examines the origins of the negative view of women often found in the Christian church and examines the scriptures used to support this view. GWTW highly recommends The Christian Woman Set Free as an introduction to biblical equality. A review of The Christian Woman Set Free is found in the Winter 2006 Newsletter.

A Woman Condemned by Katharine Bushnell. Bushnell confronts the double standard of sexual conduct and the disgrace of women who were often coerced into sex. She uses an event in China to illustrate the barbaric nature of actions our society considered culturally appropriate. We thank John Bushnell, a great nephew of Katharine, who sent us a copy of this booklet.

A Woman's Place by Bernadine Tillman. This article is the introduction and first chapter of her book A Woman's Place which contains insights and experiences from two years of a Bible study based on God's Word to Women. This book offers a fresh bold view and is a testimony to God's faithfulness to those who seek truth.

Abortion: the Culture of Death by Barbara Collins. Originally published in the Fall 2008 GWTW Newsletter, this article sheds light on the practice of abortion.

About My Father's Business by Gay Anderson. Writing for the Spring 2002 newsletter, Gay reminds us that our business is souls and encourages us to recognize ministry does not just mean preaching or teaching. Look for the opportunity that God gives and take it.

Ancient Heresies and a Strange Greek Verb by Catherine C. Kroeger. Dr. Kroeger helps clear the mystery of the passage in 1 Timothy 2:12-14 that seems to say that Paul forbids women to teach or have authority over men while in other places he has mentioned with approval their teaching and leadership.

Another Look At Eve by Jane McNally. Mother Eve gets a bad rap. But is it justified? Traditional Jewish and Christian interpretations of the early chapters of Genesis have led to the heaviest blame often falling on Eve for the entrance of sin and death into the world. Faulty interpretations of many Bible texts concerning women foster the low status, oppression, and abuse of women the world around, which is one of the greatest social evils.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt: 95 Theses Which Dispute the Church's Conviction Against Women by Scott Womble of Saint Louis Christian College. This powerful book that will surely answer the "woman question" for you in 95 different ways. Chapter 5 at the link will give you an idea of what the book is all about.

Breaking up the Good Ole Boy's Club by Lee Grady

"It's time for us guys to drop our fears and our macho attitudes—and anything else we've used to stop our mothers, sisters and wives from claiming their spiritual inheritance. I challenge you to open as many doors for them as possible." -Lee Grady
To read more from Breaking Up the Good Ole Boys' Club in pdf format click Here.

Breakthrough News for Women by David Fees. David challenges the traditional interpretation of scriptures concerning the role of women in God's plan and in the church.

British Women Speak Out on the Status of Women in the Church by Sue Halliday, Margaret Craig, Angela Lucas Denise Wherrett and Lesley Watson - Barbara Collins, Editor. This article asked five British women to give their views on the attitude of the church in England toward women and how this was reflected in their and treatment, recognition of giftings and types of leadership rolls allowed. One woman with who had lived in the United States was asked to make a comparison the two.

Covering and Authority by Kluane Spake. This article is presented as an additional and expanded view of the article on Covering found in the Fall 2000 newsletter of God's Word to Women. Running a second article on the same subject indicates our opinion as to its importance.

Covering, A Covenant Word by Gay Anderson. This article was presented in our Fall 2000 newsletter. This article looks at the scriptural origin of covering and how God intends it to function in our lives.

Covet to Prophesy by Katharine Bushnell. A rare copy of the booklet was sent to us by Ruth Hoppin the author of Priscilla's Letter. From Genesis to Paul Bushnell takes on tradition stating "There is no middle ground safe for the Church. She should either silence women altogether in every activity that would make her voice heard in the Church as a teacher or preacher, or else give a tardy assent to the truth of Paul's sweeping assertion that "there can be no male and female" distinctions as to call and privilege that the Church is authorized to make, or can make, without mischief to the body of believers. Covet to Prophesy is a real find. Enjoy!

Discussion on 10 Lies... We received the following comments from Seth Masek of Lee Grady's Article, "10 Lies the Church Tells Women." Barbara responded, and they got into a discussion, which we felt was too good to keep to ourselves. It is presented with Seth's permission.

Did Paul Really Say, "Let Women Keep Silent in the Churches?" by Dennis J. Preato. This article provides objective evidence that verses 34-35 of 1st Corinthians 14 do not represent the inspired writings of the Apostle Paul or any other inspired writer. We are grateful to Dennis for sending us his excellent work on behalf of women.

Did Jepthah Kill His Daughter for a Burnt Offering or Not? by Francine Erre. The debate continues as to whether or not Jephthah sacrificed his daughter as a burnt offering. Since even Bible scholars are divided on the question, it is hard to find the answer. This article lays out the facts and let's you make up your own mind. Excellent and informative!!!

Did Paul Really Teach About Women What We Were Told that He Taught? - by Mary Seltzer.

Divorce Composite by Wendy Francisco. Presents four excellent articles on divorce including "Why are Divorce Statistics So High," "Does God Really Hate Divorce," "Is Divorce A Sin?" and "Except in Cases of Adultery."

Divorce, Grace and Ministry by Don Francisco. This article confronts damaging policy of some churches that disqualifies all divorced individuals from participating in church leadership.

Does Belief in Women's Equality Lead to an Acceptance of Homosexual Practice? by Dr. Catherine Clark Kroeger. Dr. Kroeger gives clear explanation, including scripture reference and word study, to uphold the conviction that one can support biblical equality without endorsing homosexual practice.

Don't Be Afraid to Empower Women Dawn Ministries interview with David Yonggi Cho.

Empirical Data in Support of Egalitarian Marriages and A Fresh Perspective on Submission and Authority by Dennis J. Preato. Groundbreaking material that calls on the church to look at the positive data on the egalitarian marriage as opposed to the traditional male headship structure. Included is a look at the biblical meaning of the word translated submission. Don't miss this one, it's fantastic.

Equal in Creation, Male and Female Created to Co-labor with God by Fuchsia Pickett. The church has long misunderstood God's divine plan for the genders. He never intended for man to rule over woman. This article is reprinted with the gracious permission of Fuchsia Pickett and the magazine Spirit Led Woman published by Strang Communications.

Equality by Kathryn Riss. With all the turmoil in society caused by the radical secular feminist and homosexual activist agendas, many wonder if championing women's rights in the Gospel will compromise Biblical authority, weaken the church, or undermine Biblical family values. The question is explored in Kathryn's article.

Genesis 3 The Temptation and Fall by Pat Joyce. Understanding Genesis 3 is critical for all Christians. This scripture study concentrates on the areas where errors in translation and/or interpretation have fostered faulty doctrine and unscriptural traditions.

Go and Tell! God's Word to Women in the 21st Century by Dr. Eddie Hyatt. It has been noted that we teach a little by what we say; we teach more be what we do; but we teach most or all by what we are. Jesus knew that actions speak louder than words and He taught His disciples, not just by precept. This article considers the importance of Jesus appearing first to Mary Magdalene. Don't miss this one!

God's Gals by Gerald McCray. We (Barbara, Gay and Pat of God's Word to Women) are pleased to be able to put up Chapter 11 from God's Gals by Gerald McCray. Gerald contacted us a few years ago asking permission to use our website as a resource, a real complement. He also wanted to use some of the articles by Kathryn and Richard Riss, so we put him in contact with Kathryn who wound up editing his book. We are delighted that he mentions our friendship on his acknowledgements page. The book is making an impact. God's Gals can be purchased from your local Christian bookstore or ordered from either www.barnesandnoble.com or www.amazon.com

God's Love for His Daughters by Kathryn J. Riss "As we believe God's great love for us, accept His acceptance of us as His dearly beloved daughters, and step out in obedience to His leading and direction, the chains of legalism, with all its fears and tears, will break off us, and we will be free indeed."

GWTW's Stand on Marriage answers the question of what an ideal marriage is all about. Should a marriage between a man and a woman meet the Bible's criteria? Christianity does not accept a double standard in any area, certainly not in sexual conduct. What about Submission and Authority – just who has it? True biblical equality in marriage is when man and woman as husband and wife become united or enter into "oneness." The relationship between husband and wife must reach a place of honesty where no barriers, defensiveness or pretenses exist between the two of them or with God. Is your marriage there yet? Does your heart leap with excitement when you think of what a marriage really can be with Christ Jesus as the "head" and "authority over" the covenant His Father instituted from the beginning?

Government of the Garden by Cindye Coates. This article proposes that if we look to Genesis, we will find the original blue print of how God designed Kingdom Order and a Redemptive Government! The key word here is redemptive; needed since traditional church government remains a fallen hierarchal system and Jesus has redeemed us from the fall.

Dr. Katharine Bushnell, A Brief Sketch of Her Life and Works by Katharine C. Bushnell. Bushnell condenses a lifetime of service into seventeen action filled pages. Written at Shanghai by request of the Editor of the "Biblical Recorder" of Australia, it was republished in England by her permission.

Divorce, Grace and Ministry by Don Francisco. This article confronts damaging policy of some churches that disqualifies all divorced individuals from participating in church leadership.

Healing After Abuse by Wanda Boone. An excellent article that notes rising incidence of abuse and the need for Christians to realize that coming to Christ is only the first step in healing. Faith in conjunction with work, discipline and determination are required for the work to be completed.

Heaven on Earth by Katharine Bushnell. Katharine Bushnell desired to write a book to her nieces and nephews about the end-times, and write it she did. What's going to happen before Jesus returns? The Book of the Revelation tells us. Bushnell states: "I am not so eager to win all to my interpretation of each particular point as to create an interest in the earnest study of the book. this book is available because Doris McCray of Lexington, Kentucky who went to the Lexington Theological Seminary and copied this rare document which we proudly put up on the world wide web for all to see.

Helen Barrett Montgomery's Centenary Translation of the New Testament Characteristics and Influences by Dr. Sharyn Dowd. The purpose of this article is to call attention to Helen Barrett Montgomery's translation of the New Testament into contemporary English, published in 1924. While Montgomery credits many male sources other interpretations which appear to have been borrowed from Katharine Bushnell are not credited. This paper examines the evidence that Katharine Bushnell was a probable source. Dr. Dowd's notes will be of particular interest to those doing research on women's issues.

Holy America , Phoebe! by Chris Armstrong. It swept across church lines, transforming America's urban landscape with its rescue missions and storefront churches. Yet today, the "holiness movement" and its charismatic woman leader are all but forgotten. This article on Phoebe Palmer is found on Christianity Today's website and is well worth your time.

Identifying Verbal and Emotional Abuse and Grounds for Divorce This is a collection of several new resources on abuse created by women who have personally been through the valley. They understand this topic intimately and have recovered strong voices to enlighten others.

In the Beginning . . . by Karen K. Davidenko. Karen submitted this article on Genesis to a blog. When we saw it we thought it would be a fine word for the newsletter and a great addition to the website. Enjoy!

Inequality Hinders Kenyan Women Kenyan women experience a wide range of discriminatory practices, limiting their political and economic rights and relegating them to second class citizenship.

It's A God Thing by Pat Joyce. The story of how the God's Word to Women website came into being.

Hyatt, Dr. Susan C. Jesus Friend of Women- Jesus lived in "a man's world," yet He often went against the norms of patriarchal culture by treating women as persons equal with men. In general, we miss this when we read the Gospels and we fail to grasp the radical nature of Jesus' actions. This article is from Susan's book In the Spirit We're Equal, which is available at www.icwhp.org, click "bookstore."

Jesus Was A Feminist by Leonard Swidler. This article concludes that our Lord, Jesus, was a feminist. He defines feminist as "a person who is in favor of, and who promotes, the equality of women with men, a person who advocates and practices treating women primarily as human persons (as men are so treated) and willingly contravenes social customs in so acting."

Jesus Was Angry by Adele Hebert. Is it right for you to be angry? Righteous anger is good because it motivates us to do what is right. Amazingly, Jesus never got angry with women and He was more severe with his male disciples than anyone else. This article provides a thorough look at anger. The reader will see the instances and motivation of Jesus' anger and the Biblical differences in Jesus' correction of men and women: He never rebukes women! He leads them ever so gently, no names, and no harsh critical words. In fact, Jesus always uplifts them, guarding their honor, hearing them, blessing them.

Jezebel Spirit Unmasked- by Gay Anderson. The Summer 2001 newsletter article contests both the validity of the term Jezebel spirit and the use of this term against women in ministry.

Journey's End by Kathryn Riss. This is the conclusion of her book by the same name. The "serpent's seed" has attacked God's daughters long enough. It's time for the truth to set them free! We hope that you will be so refreshed, challenged and inspired by this thought-provoking article that you will want the get the book.

Junia, A Female Apostle, Resolving the Issues of Romans 16:7 by Dennis J. Preato. This paper looks at the two major issues regarding this verse; was Junia a woman and was she an apostle. This scholarly paper is very well done and the footnotes are a goldmine for research.

Junia, A Woman Apostle by Dianne D. McDonald. This outstanding article presents a clear and easy to read case for Junia as an apostle who was woman. She includes Romans 16:7, with numerical references to Strong's Concordance for easy reference, followed by an explanation of critical words.

Just Say 'No' To Psycho-Babble by Leslie Johnson with Gary Johnson. Here is an excellent short article encouraging the people of God to judge by the Word rather than "pop-psychology theories and mindless suppositions regarding gender tendencies." Leslie is the author of Does God Really Prefer Men.

Kathryn Kuhlman. A short article on the life of this amazing woman.

Keeping Women in Their Place by Rev. Johnny Wade Sloan, D.D. This is an excellent article that we are reprinting from The Remnant. Enjoy!

Life's Basic Questions by Barbara Collins, Gay Anderson and Pat Joyce. As part of the ministry of this website we try to respond to e-mails. We received some basic questions from a young lady from the middle east. She asked things like "Why am I here?" "Is there life after death?" "How can I attain deeper levels of wellness and spiritual wisdom?"... We thought that a lot of folks might have asked the same questions and so we are posting our answers.

Male and Female in Christ by Carrie A. Miles. What's a new millennium-kind of Christian to do? We believe in the authority of the Bible, but we also believe in the dignity of all persons--male and female in Christ. This series of Bible studies will help you discover that these beliefs are more than compatible. They are in a workbook format that lets scripture speak for itself. You may print and use them without charge. This is a ministry from Carrie to all of us and may God richly bless her for her excellent work.

Mishandling Marriage & the Sin of Uzzah by Gary Johnson. It is obvious that marriage and the family are under attack. What's wrong? Gary gives a plain-spoken analysis of the problem and points toward a truly Christian marriage as the solution.

My Life as a Modern-Day Slave by Joseph Winter. Interview with Mende Nazer who was just 12 when one night her village was targeted by Arab slave raiders, and she was taken to be a slave in Khartoum. Her full story is told in the book Slave.

New Man, New Woman, New Life - Bible Studies on Marriage, Family & Gender by Carrie Miles. The Bible presents us with a three-part story of human relationship with God and with each other. "Once upon a time," this story reveals, human beings were created as male and female in the image of God to fulfill an ideal - a one flesh, naked and unashamed marriage that was the crowning act of creation. The second part of the story traces our rejection of the life of faith and the loss of God's abundant provision for us. This fall from grace brought division among God's creation, a striving for power over each other, and the loss of the fearless love for which God created us. The final chapter of this story, however, finds us redeemed - brought back by Christ from the bondage of the fallen world into which we sold ourselves. Anyone is welcome to download a personal copy, but if you want to make copies to give out (or sell), please contact Carrie first at www.empowerinternational.org.

No longer a victim by Dawn Wilson Women, Get in the Army of God author, Pastor Dawn Wilson reveals sexual, verbal, and physical abuse as well as her attempted murder by her second husband. When she finally married Randy Wilson, their early years found Dawn lashing out in anger and abusive behavior at her husband and later on their young son. Dawn realized her need for deliverance from a spirit of anger. Soon, she left behind being a victim and became an overcoming victor through Christ.

One Flesh by Leslie Johnson with Gary Johnson. Here's Chapter 5 of the Johnsons' book, Does God Really Prefer Men? An Open Letter to the Church in America. The subject of Christian marriage is rarely addressed , even in books on gender equality. The Johnsons have done a fine job. Want to know what God thinks about marriage? Read this article!! Their book, Does God Really Prefer Men? is available from Amazon.com, BooksAMillion.com, Barnes&Noble.com and many more outlets.

Patriarchy or Gender Equality? The Letter to the Ephesians on Submission, Headship, and Slavery by Carrie A. Miles. Is religion responsible for patriarchy or can its roots be found in economic necessity? Is Paul patriarchal or did early Christianity actually repudiate patriarchy? Carrie Miles answers these questions in this fascinating article. Don't miss it!

Patriarchy, Is It God's Order? by Pat Joyce. Taken from the Spring 2001 newsletter this article exposes the danger and ungodliness inherent in any level of patriarchy.

Priscilla and Phoebe show us about Paul by David Fees. A careful look at the writing of Paul concerning Priscilla and Phoebe reveal about Paul's beliefs about the function and place of women.

Questions That Mislead the Gender Debate by Rebecca Merrill Groothuis. This is an excellent editorial that appeared in Mutuality, the magazine of Christians For Biblical Equality.

Releasing the Life of the Word by Mary Audrey Raycroft. In this chapter from her book Releasers of Life Mary Audrey takes a critical look at the scriptures and traditions that have been used to limit the ministry of women.

Review of No Place for Abuse by Ed Shei. Dr. Shei reviews the book No Place for Abuse by Catherine Clark Kroeger and Nancy Nason-Clark which provides biblical and practical resources to counteract domestic violence. To read the full dissertation "Persuasion and Church Ministry as It Relates to Woman Abuse: An Evaluation of No Place for Abuse on the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior of Asbury Theological Seminarians" click here.

Satan's Enmity Against Women Given to Jean Wright, April, 1985. This revelation came to me after three days of seeking the Lord concerning the woman issue, especially about women in ministry.

Saudi Police "Stop" Fire Rescue. Saudi Arabia's religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress, according to Saudi newspapers.

Should Women Serve as Pastors? by Barbara Collins. This article explores the arguments on this controversial subject.

Submission is chapter 8 in ...and He gave them a foundational teaching manual by Kirby and Sandra Clements. The book may be purchased by contacting Sandra Clements at sachcl@aol.com For Sandra's testimony, click here.

Submission and Equality by Dr. Kluane Spake. This outstanding article by Dr. Spake provides a long needed addition to our understanding of Christian submission.

Tears are Treasured by Adele Hebert. Enjoy this in depth Bible Study on all the tears in the New Testament.

Ten Lies the Church Tells Women by J. Lee Grady. For centuries, a patriarchal system of control has kept women in spiritual captivity through distortion of the scriptures. This article takes on the myths.

The Badge of Guilt and Shame by Katharine Bushnell. Another rare booklet by Bushnell. This one takes on the head covering dialog from 1 Corinthians 11. Bushnell contends that the church must not teach one thing and do another but must prove the scripture. She says, "Therefore, a fresh deeper investigation into the Apostle's utterances is urgently needed, ... that the church may conserve its own interests while at the same time maintaining a consistent course of conduct. The church must give no uncertain sound in both example and teaching and in its proclamation of the Word of God as supreme in authority."

The Abused Bride of Christ by Dr. Catherine Clark Kroeger addresses domestic abuse in the Christian home.

The Century of What?, by Brandon Donnell confronts the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) "We have been called to establish the kingdom of God in the earth. Where He reigns in righteousness, women will be treated with dignity and respect. As a man, it is my desire and mandate from God to help protect and promote women to their highest possible destiny in God! Will the next 100 years see a dramatic change for the women of the world? If we will obey God, nothing can stop it!"

The Challenges of Intimacy, by Richard Barnor. This is chapter six of Divine Intimacy-An Invitation to Passionate Love. Richard stirs up the reader to recognize that Adam and Eve's condition of nakedness didn't need to bring shame because it speaks of intimacy. Because Adam and Eve initially possessed God's unconditional love, transparency--the ability to be the real you--was the result.

The Choice: Truth or Tradition, Understanding the Difference Between Biblical Womanhood and Feminism by Susan Hyatt. This article is taken from Dr. Hyatt's dissertation . It helps us see that biblical womanhood goes far beyond even standard evangelical concepts and certainly is not secular feminism.

The Doctrine of the Trinity and Subordination by Kevin N. Giles. The doctrine of subordination within the Trinity has been used to promote the subordination of women in the church. This excellent article discusses the various positions and concludes that there is no subordination in the Godhead. For those who are seriously seeking to understand both the doctrine of the trinity and how it relates to women, this essay is a must read.

The Evangelical Debate over Biblical "Headship" by Dr. David M. Scholer. In this scholarly article, Dr Scholer provides a synopsis of the debate over biblical headship. Much of the Christian literature in the past five years on domestic violence and sexual abuse of women, especially evangelical publications, contains pointed discussions of the relationship between biblical teachings of "male headship" and the reality of abused and battered women. Included are studies on kephale and authentein on the precise points upon which the so-called headship debate rests.

The Glory of the Lord is Upon You by Carole Scott. This prophetic message, "Get Up Daughters, The Glory Of The Lord Is Upon You!" was birthed in that vision and is empowered with an anointing prayer for women of all ages.

The Head in the Epistles by Berkeley and Alvera Mickelsen. What did the apostle Paul mean when he wrote, "For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body" (Eph. 5:23)? And, "The head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God" (I Cor. 11:3)? This classic article challenges traditional interpretation of the word "head" in these scriptures!

The Legacy of Katharine Bushnell by Ruth Hoppin. Ruth's article gives further information on the life and work of Katharine C. Bushnell who is the author of God's Word to Women, the book that inspired this website.

The Lord's Tsunami by Barbara Wentroble. A tsunami takes place because of a shift in the plates of the earth. That natural shift represents a spiritual shift that is releasing men and women to work together in a full and equal partnership. This article also shows how the church has been influenced by Greek philosophy rather than scripture when it comes to its traditions on the place of women.

The Meaning of Head by Dr. Kluane Spake. The traditional interpretation of headship in the English language means that man has authority over the woman. Is this true and if not, why not ? In an excellent article Dr. Kluane Spake traces the origins of the traditional position on headship and reveals the flaws and unbiblical nature of such teaching.

The Patriarchs Are Coming! Why are they arriving on the scene and in our churches? by Dr. Del Birkey. Birkey discusses the concept of patriarchy as viewed by traditionalists vs. egalitarians, as well as the current attempt to strengthen this ancient agenda in churches and homes as the benignly renamed complementarianism. Birkey offers compelling proof in this thesis that the old-order patriarchy has been rendered obsolete in Jesus Christ and the New Testament. He even takes some Christian women to task for their supporting role in this "disarray" from which Jesus came to redeem us.

The Perception of Equality by Kluane Spake. Dr. Spake encourages us to open our spiritual eyes to see what really exists, not what our senses and feelings tell us. No longer should we strive toward equality -- it's not an issue -- it just IS.

The Queen's Daughters in India by Katharine Bushnell and Elizabeth Andrew. This short book reveals how "Christian" England hid behind "Contagious Diseases Acts" and gave government sanction to the sexual "needs" of the British Army stationed in India. See how young Indian women were held to prostitution by the iron law of military regulation.

The Release of Women into Ministry spoken by Jackie Pullinger and transcribed to put on the web. There is no way to really describe this article--it is a must--just read it.

The Rise of Abuse in the Last Days is Prophesied by Charis R. Hart. Much teaching out there on Christian marriage contributes to the potential for abuse and the high divorce rate among Christians. This is a quote from the Bible: "...every man should be ruler over his own household.". Have you heard teaching from books, sermons, and Christian radio that represents this model as God's Will and Plan for a satisfying, God-honoring, biblical, Christian marriage? To find out more, read the article.

The Silence That Shouts by Pamela Walford. This article challenges the traditional view that God is noncommittal and neutral about the atrocities against women in the book of Judges. She has written a truly penetrating article on the Book of Judges.

The Son: Re-expressing the Father's Heart Towards Women by Dee Alei. This is Chapter 7 of her book From Bondage to Blessing. Jesus continually broke with the traditions, religious law and attitudes of the time regarding women. In this chapter we see how He continually affirmed women, honoring them, encouraging them in their faith, giving them dignity, equality, value and lifting them up to the men as positive examples. After reading this chapter, you may want to order the whole book. To do so, click here.

The Sonship of Women by Cindye Coates. Many have been hindered by the generic implication of the word, "sonship." In this article Cindye declares that the time has come for kingdom women to move from the wilderness over into their covenant place, possessing that which was already possessed for them in, through and by Jesus Christ.

The Story of God: Women in the Early Church by Pamela Walford. Want to know how the church's traditional position on women evolved? In this outstanding article, Pamela Walford reveals how, in less than 400 years following the deaths of the last apostles, the early Christian church yielded to the influence of the Greco-Roman culture in which it was immersed. It relinquished the egalitarianism that had been established by Jesus and set the stage for the subjugation and silencing of women that has spanned more than two millennia and continues to detrimentally impact the lives of women today.

The Sword is Out: A Strong Response to "Off with the Skirt, On with the Pants" by R. C. Sproul, Jr. by Alice Whisman. In her article, Alice Whisman has written a rebuttal to a sermon by Dr. R. C. Sproul Jr. entitled "Off With the Skirt, on With the Pants." Dr. Sproul may have intended to call men to be serious about their commitment to God and the church and to use their gifts. However, in the process, his underlying beliefs about the inferiority of women are clearly revealed and found to be unacceptable.


The Vashti-Esther Story - by Katharine Bushnell. Would you think it possible to write an article on the book of Esther without focusing on the time spent in preparation for presentation to the king? Here it is. A rare gem preserved for our day, the article is timely truth revealing the heart of God. This is the first writing by Bushnell that we were able to find besides God's Word to Women. If any of you have access to more of her material, please contact us. We would like to see whatever is left of her work preserved.

To Be Ordained or Not to Be -- That is the Question! by Barbara Collins. The word "ordain" is definitely scriptural and usually means simply "chosen" or "selected. But does ordination become a real drawback when the designation "clergy" is a distinction that lifts one out of the true brother/sister position and puts one "over" instead of "along with" the "lay" people.

Uncovering the Covering Doctrine by Cheryl McGrath. We have been impressed with other articles from her pen but this one is not to be missed. This article is long but worth your time. Cheryl brings both a strong educational background and years of experience to her topic. Her stated purpose is to shed some light on this issue based on scriptural truth.

Walking Free in the Kingdom by Barbara Wentroble. Relationships are critical to our walk as Christians. In this article Barbara discusses the concept of Christian submission. She also shares how God showed her the crying need for women to know the freedom they have in Christ.

We are Witnesses to a Mystery by Ruth Hoppin. The first chapter and a paragraph from the ending of the book entitled "Charge to the Jury," is taken from Priscilla's Letter, Finding the Author of the Epistle to the Hebrews which is written as a fascinating trial where the evidence is laid out before a jury. The book was taken out of print after only a few months of availability. Circumstances suggest deliberate suppression due to the influence of those who regard the concept of female authorship of the Epistle to the Hebrews intolerable. The book can be ordered from CBE at www.cbeinternational.org

What About Submission and Headship by Joanne Krupp. Joanne has been in ministry to women since 1971. Here she addresses one of the most important and misunderstood New Testament passages dealing with husbands and wives -- Ephesians 5:21-33. This article is a rare occasion when one sees Ephesian 5:22-33 written in its proper context.

What if the Foundations be Destroyed? by Gay Anderson This prophetic article which appeared in the Fall 2008 newsletter pinpoints "The problem in America is not politicians, but the pulpits."

What's the Real Truth About Submission? by Barbara Collins. This article from the Winter 2001 newsletter clarifies the meaning of Biblical submission.

Who is the Priest in the Home? - by Barbara Collins. Done for the Fall 2001 newsletter Barbara exposes the error and consequences of this unbiblical doctrine.

Who Was Katherine Bushnell? by Pat Joyce. A biographical tribute to this remarkable woman.

Who's the Boss? by Drs. Eddie & Susan Hyatt. gives 3 reasons why Ephesians 5:21-33 is not about authority in marriage. This article is a brief summation of the arguments presented in the Hyatts' new book by the same name.

Why Jesus Chose Male Apostles by Gilbert Bilezikain. This article is taken from Dr. Bilezikian's book Community 101. It explains why the original 12 apostles were male, then discusses the implications for the early church and the church today

Why Modern Patriarchy Is Not Biblical by Kathryn J. Riss, Th.M. This article details the continuing problems brought on by patriarchy in modern society and provides biblical evidence that patriarchy is not God's idea.

Women Arising Now by Chuck Pierce. This article is Chapter Nine of his book The Future War of the Church. In this is a prophetic word for women, he proclaims that "despite the enemy's efforts to oppress and seduce women, we are about to see women of the Church arise and influence the world in a way they have never done before!"

Women in Leadership in the Kingdom by Felicity Dale. Felicity authors an article that asks the question, "Half the body of Christ is, for the most part, not functioning. Where are the women? Why are we not seeing more women in leadership?" That question needed asking! Do certain scriptures limit a woman's role in church leadership? Does "the system" oppress women worldwide? Read Felicity's article, and you'll find out for yourself.

Women in Ministry and Marriage by Wendy Francisco. Part of the reason for the increased divorce rate among Christians can be placed at the feet of misunderstandings and mistranslations resulting in gender hierarchy which damages people, marriages, and the Body at large. This article looks at Ephesians 5 to highlight how Scripture can be mistranslated and incorrectly taught.

Women in the New Testament: A Middle Eastern Cultural View by Dr. Kenneth Bailey. Dr. Bailey has kindly given permission for us to offer his article, "Women in the New Testament: A Middle Eastern Cultural View." This article was written in 1995. The truth about God's view of women is not new, it has been clearly stated over and over. Dr. Bailey, a renowned theologian, shows through careful consideration of scripture that biblically no ground exists for discrimination against women. It is amazing that in the church, the tradition remains so prevalent.

Women of Destiny Conference by Cindy Jacobs. This is a report on the Women of Destiny Conference that was held in the Spring of 1999. We feel that the information about how the sins of our founding fathers birthed genetic defects in the American Church regarding the place of women in society and in the Church is important and needs to be available to as broad an audience as possible.

Women of Fire by J. Lee Grady. Women of Fire presents stories of women to whom God has given dangerous ministries and gives four reasons why American women shy away from the challenge of such ministry.

Women Pastors, Wifely Submission and Southern Baptists by Barbara Collins. This article from the Summer 2000 newsletter addresses the Southern Baptist statement excluding women pastors and calling on women to submit to the "servant leadership" of their husbands.

Women Speaking Justified... by Margaret Fell. In about 1667 the Mother of Quakerism wrote from prison on why women speaking for the Lord, even in church, is justified by scripture. This historic document uses the Word itself to prove that the silencing of women is not according to scripture.

Working Together to Listen and to Learn by Catherine Clark Kroeger. This article is the introduction to Healing the Hurting, Giving Hope and Help to Abused Women, Catherine Clark Kroeger and James R. Beck, Editors.

It presents two cases to emphasize the pressing need to bring abuse in the Christian home into the open, acknowledge its presence, and deal with it.

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