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The quarterly newsletter for God's Word to Women was started in the summer of 2000 to celebrate the second year that the website was in existence. After two years, we had discovered that there were things that we believed God wanted us to say, and the newsletter gave us a place to say them.

The list gives you the subject of the primary editorial. However, there are also supporting articles and other "stuff" included in each one. We have not removed conferences or other out of date information. By this time, some of the links to other websites may not function.

Summer 2012

Spring 2012

August 2011 First newsletter from new God's Word To Women leadership

Spring 2010 On Spiritual Renewal with related articles about dealing with a husband's porn use, and reforms to the Pro-Life movement.

Winter 2010 - "Adam and Eve's Temptation", "The Beguiling of Eve", and an article by Jocelyn Andersen author of "Woman Submit: Christians & Domestic Violence"

Fall 2009 - Creation, "A Woman's Place: Keeper at Home", and Abuse.

Summer 2009- Created for What? and Against Female Genital Mutilation

Spring 2009- Marriage- Heavenly

Winter 2009 - Marriage and the Bride of Christ.

Fall 2008 - Abortion.

Summer 2008 - Focusing on abuse and divorce.

Spring 2008 - GWTW's stand on marriage.

Winter 2008 - A call to women, a testimony, new intercessors.

Fall 2007 - Focus is on abuse and the toll it takes.

Summer 2007 - Report on Kenya

Spring 2007 - Mary Durham Faulkner, Women of Abuse, Plans for Kenya

Winter 2007 Using Our Anointing, Revisiting Abuse, Jael's Company

Fall 2006 - Divine Connection in Pakistan

Summer 2006 - Report on "The Gathering"

Spring 2006 - Abuse and Divorce

Winter 2006 - Greatest Excuse for Abuse - Mistranslated Bible

Fall 2005 - Truth not Tradition

Summer 2005 - Seventh Anniversary Edition, Lots of Good Stuff

Spring 2005 - Christian Marriage & Federal Marriage Amendment

Winter 2005 - Worldwide Abuse of Women

Fall 2004 - Suffrage Movement

Summer 2004 - Using the Gifts that God Has Given

Spring 2004 - Marriage Amendment

Winter 2004 - Intimacy and the DiVinci Code

Fall 2003 - Truth is Truth

Summer 2003 - Ordained - to be or not to be?

Spring 2003 Culture

Winter 2003 Is equal in being, unequal in function supported from Scripture?

Fall 2002 - Report on 1st Annual DFW Retreat

Summer 2002 - Should Women Serve As Pastors

Spring 2002 - About My Father's Business

Winter 2002 - Katharine Bushnell

Fall 2001 -- Who is the Priest in the Home?

Summer 2001 -- Jezebel Spirit

Spring 2001 -- Patriarchy and Complementarianism

Winter 2001 -- Submission

Fall 2000 -- Covering

Summer 2000 -- "Women Pastors, Wifely Submission and Southern Baptists."

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