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Scott Womble (B.S., Saint Louis Christian College; M. Div., Lincoln Christian Seminary) is professor of biblical studies at Saint Louis Christian College where he also serves as the Adults in Ministry Coordinator.  Prior to joining the college in 2002, Womble served as full-time preaching minister in central Illinois for seven years.  He still regularly fills the pulpit on Sunday mornings, having preached at over fifty churches.  He is the author of Beyond Reasonable Doubt:  95 Theses Which Dispute the Church’s Conviction Against Women and is a regular book reviewer for the Stone-Campbell Journal.   



by Professor Scott Womble

An excerpt from Professor Womble's thorough and well done book of 491 pages entitled Beyond Reasonable Doubt:  95 Theses Which Dispute the Church’s Conviction Against Women , this chapter contains Theses 21-32:

Thesis 21: Women Can Speak But Not Preach
Thesis 22: Permission to Teach in Some Settings

...Male leadership often uses the ‘headship’ argument, which essentially says that if they give a woman permission to speak, teach, etc., then she can do so under their authority.

The problem with a move such as this is that it places man as an authority over the Word of God. In other words, although a complementarian may be firmly convinced that the Word of God prohibits women from teaching and leading in the church, if he decides that an exceptional woman may do so, it instantly becomes permissible. The church must be watchful of people who place themselves over the authority of Scripture. [more]

Thesis 23: Volunteer Work is Permissible
Thesis 24: Inconsistencies Regarding Leading of Worship
Thesis 25: Inconsistencies Regarding Gift Assessments
Thesis 26: Inconsistencies Regarding Communion and Offering
Thesis 27: Inconsistencies Regarding Prayer
Thesis 28: Inconsistencies Regarding Baptism
Thesis 29: Marriage Practicalities vs. Marriage Teachings
Thesis 30: Books and Curriculum
Thesis 31: Our Inconsistent Interpretations
Thesis 32: The Liberties Taken in Many Modern Translations

To order your own copy of Professor Womble's book, please contact him at tscottwomble@sbcglobal.net. To read "CHAPTER 5: OUR INCONSISTENCIES EXPOSED" click here.

The Chapter has been left in PDF format for easy reading. You will need the Adobe Reader


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