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Women's Ministries by Susan Stubbs Hyatt. Two primary schools of thought have co-existed throughout Church history regarding women’s role in ministry and female authority in leadership. Whereas the traditional school is patriarchal and teaches that women are lesser than men in authority and different from men in ministerial function, the charismatic school favors an egalitarian posture and teaches that ministry and authority flow directly from God...

Women in Ministry and Marriage by Wendy Francisco. Part of the reason for the increased divorce rate among Christians can be placed at the feet of misunderstandings and mistranslations resulting in gender hierarchy which damages people, marriages, and the Body at large. This article looks at Ephesians 5 to highlight how Scripture can be mistranslated and incorrectly taught.

Just Say 'No' To Psycho-Babble by Leslie Johnson with Gary Johnson. Here is an excellent short article encouraging the people of God to judge by the Word rather than "pop-psychology theories and mindless suppositions regarding gender tendencies." Leslie is the author of Does God Really Prefer Men.

Women Arising Now by Chuck Pierce. This article is Chapter Nine of his book The Future War of the Church. In this is a prophetic word for women, he proclaims that "despite the enemy's efforts to oppress and seduce women, we are about to see women of the Church arise and influence the world in a way they have never done before!"

Empirical Data in Support of Egalitarian Marriages and A Fresh Perspective on Submission and Authority by Dennis J. Preato. Groundbreaking material that calls on the church to look at the positive data on the egalitarian marriage as opposed to the traditional male headship structure. Included is a look at the biblical meaning of the word translated submission. Don't miss this one, it's fantastic.

Holy America, Phoebe! by Chris Armstrong. It swept across church lines, transforming America's urban landscape with its rescue missions and storefront churches. Yet today, the "holiness movement" and its charismatic woman leader are all but forgotten. This article on Phoebe Palmer is found on Christianity Today's website and is well worth your time.

Women of Fire by J. Lee Grady. Women of Fire presents stories of women to whom God has given dangerous ministries and gives four reasons why American women shy away from the challenge of such ministry.

Covet to Prophesy by Katharine Bushnell. A rare copy of the booklet was sent to us by Ruth Hoppin the author of Priscilla's Letter. From Genesis to Paul Bushnell takes on tradition stating "There is no middle ground safe for the Church. She should either silence women altogether in every activity that would make her voice heard in the Church as a teacher or preacher, or else give a tardy assent to the truth of Paul's sweeping assertion that "there can be no male and female" distinctions as to call and privilege that the Church is authorized to make, or can make, without mischief to the body of believers. Covet to Prophesy is a real find. Enjoy!

The Legacy of Katharine Bushnell by Ruth Hoppin. Ruth's article gives further information on the life and work of Katharine C. Bushnell who is the author of God's Word to Women, the book that inspired this website.

The Release of Women into Ministry spoken by Jackie Pullinger and transcribed to put on the web. There is no way to really describe this article--it is a must--just read it.

Priscilla and Phoebe show us about Paul by David Fees. A careful look at the writing of Paul concerning Priscilla and Phoebe reveal about Paul's beliefs about the function and place of women.

Women Pastors, Wifely Submission and Southern Baptists by Barbara Collins. This article from the Summer 2000 newsletter addresses the Southern Baptist statement excluding women pastors and calling on women to submit to the "servant leadership" of their husbands.

About My Father's Business by Gay Anderson. Writing for the Spring 2002 newsletter, Gay reminds us that our business is souls and encourages us to recognize ministry does not just mean preaching or teaching. Look for the opportunity that God gives and take it.

A Challenge for Proponents of Female Subordination To Prove Their Case from The Bible by Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian. Dr. Bilezikian issues a challenge to prompt Christians to grapple with biblical facts rather than to accept traditional assumptions about female roles. This article is a "must read."

Should Women Serve as Pastors? by Barbara Collins. This article explores the arguments on this controversial subject.

To Be Ordained or Not to Be – That Is the Question! by Barbara Collins writing for the Summer 2003 newsletter.

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