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Articles on Marriage

Subject to Their Own Husbands... Trading the Double Bind for the Double Bond: Overlooked Grammatical Details Shed New Light on “Wives are Subject to Their Own Husbands in Everything” Ephesians 5:24

GWTW's Stand on Marriage: And the Two Shall Become One

Does Belief in Women's Equality Lead to an Acceptance of Homosexual Practice?  by Dr. Catherine Clark Kroeger. Dr. Kroeger gives clear explanation, including scripture reference and word study, to uphold the conviction that one can support  biblical equality without endorsing homosexual practice.

What About Submission and Headship by Joanne Krupp.  Joanne has been in ministry to women since 1971. Here she addresses one of the most important and misunderstood New Testament passages dealing with husbands and wives -- Ephesians 5:21-33. This article is a rare occasion when one sees Ephesian 5:22-33 written in its proper context.

Message to the Desperate Wife by Germaine Copeland.   Germaine Copeland is the author of Prayers that Avail Much and is a seasoned intercessor and counselor.  In this article she gives Godly advice to those in abusive marriages.

Women in Ministry and Marriage by Wendy Francisco.  Part of the reason for the increased divorce rate among Christians can be placed at the feet of misunderstandings and mistranslations resulting in gender hierarchy which damages people, marriages, and the Body at large. This article looks at Ephesians 5 to highlight how Scripture can be mistranslated and incorrectly taught.

Mishandling Marriage & the Sin of Uzzah by Gary Johnson.  It is obvious that marriage and the family are under attack. What's wrong? Gary gives a plain-spoken analysis of the problem and points toward a truly Christian marriage as the solution.

One Flesh by Leslie Johnson with Gary Johnson. Here's Chapter 5 of the Johnsons' book , Does God Really Prefer Men? An Open Letter to the Church in America.  The subject of Christian marriage is rarely addressed , even in books on gender equality. The Johnsons have done a fine job.  Want to know what God thinks about marriage? Read this article!! Their book, Does God Really Prefer Men? is available from Amazon.com, BooksAMillion.com, Barnes&Noble.com and many more outlets.

Just Say 'No' To Psycho-Babble by Leslie Johnson with Gary Johnson.  Here is an excellent short article encouraging the people of God to judge by the Word rather than "pop-psychology theories and mindless suppositions regarding gender tendencies."  Leslie is the author of Does God Really Prefer Men.

Empirical Data in Support of Egalitarian Marriages and A Fresh Perspective on Submission and Authority by Dennis J. Preato.  Groundbreaking material that calls on the church to look at the positive data on the egalitarian marriage as opposed to the traditional male headship structure.  Included is a look at the biblical meaning of the word translated submission.  Don't miss this one, it's fantastic.

The Vashti-Esther Story by Katharine Bushnell.  Would you think it possible to write an article on the book of Esther without focusing on the time spent in preparation for presentation to the king?  Here it is.  A rare gem preserved for our day, the article is timely truth revealing the heart of God.  This is the only writing by Bushnell that we have been able to find besides God's Word to Women.  If any of you have access to more of her material, please contact us.  We would like to see whatever is left of her work preserved.

A Woman's Place by Bernadine Tillman. This article is the introduction and first chapter of her book A Woman's Place which contains insights and experiences, including abuse, from two years of a Bible study based on God's Word to Women.  This book offers a fresh bold view and is a testimony to God's faithfulness to those who seek truth.

A Woman’s Place: Keeper at Home by Charis R. Hart. Have you heard of "a Titus 2 woman"? What is a "keeper at home"? Enjoy this Biblical word study which digs beneath the surface to reveal some surprising details about God's Calling upon women.

Who's the Boss?  by Drs. Eddie & Susan Hyatt.   This article states 3 reasons why Ephesians 5:21-33 is not about authority in marriage. It is a brief summation of the arguments presented in the Hyatts' new book by the same name.

Ten Lies the Church Tells Women by J. Lee Grady.  For centuries, a patriarchal system of control has kept women in spiritual captivity through distortion of the scriptures.  This article takes on the myths.

Equal in Creation Male and Female Created to Co-labor with God by Fuchsia T. Pickett.  The church has long misunderstood God's divine plan for the genders.  he never intended for man to rule over woman.  This article is reprinted with the gracious permission of Fuchsia Pickett and the magazine Spirit Led Woman published by Strang Communications

Submission is chapter 8 in ...and He gave them...  a foundational teaching manual by Kirby and Sandra Clements.  The book may be purchased by contacting Sandra Clements at sachcl@aol.com For Sandra's testimony, click here.

The Head in the Epistles by Berkeley and Alvera Mickelsen.  What did the apostle Paul mean when he wrote, "For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body" (Eph. 5:23)?  And, "The head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God" (I Cor. 11:3)?  This classic article challenges

Journey's End by Kathryn Riss. This is the conclusion of her book by the same name.  The "serpent's seed" has attacked God's daughters long enough.  It's time for the truth to set them free! We hope that you will be so refreshed, challenged and inspired by this thought-provoking article that you will want the get the book.

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