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Articles on Covering

Uncovering the Covering Doctrine by Cheryl McGrath. We have been impressed with other articles from her pen, but this one is not to be missed. It is long but worth your time. Cheryl brings both a strong educational background and years of experience to her topic. Her stated purpose is to shed some light on this issue based on scriptural truth.

The Badge of Guilt and Shame by Katharine Bushnell. Another rare booklet by Bushnell. This one takes on the head covering dialog from 1 Corinthians 11. Bushnell contends that the church must not teach one thing and do another but must prove the scripture. She says, "Therefore, a fresh deeper investigation into the Apostle's utterances is urgently needed, ... that the church may conserve its own interests while at the same time maintaining a consistent course of conduct. The church must give no uncertain sound in both example and teaching and in its proclamation of the Word of God as supreme in authority."

Covering, A Covenant Word by Gay Anderson. This editorial was presented in our Fall 2000 newsletter. It looks at the scriptural origin of covering and how God intends it to function in our lives.

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