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Kenya Projects

Watoya Mustard Seed Widows and Orphans Program

This program is working to provide for widows and orphans and to keep the school functioning for the young children in the area.  Early education is not mandatory in Kenya.  The parents are expected to do it.  If the parents are unable or if there are no parents the children miss the preparation they need to enter school. 

The Watoya Mustard Seed Church has had an early childhood school for eight years.  The teacher works without a salary and lives on the contributions of her students parents who are very poor and the people of the small church, also very poor.  She has been in her position since the school opened eight years ago.  She also cares for a mentally handicapped orphaned boy.

Pastor Fred Barasa and his friend Chrispinus Wafula have started a program that will provide both income and food for the children in the school as well as the widows and orphans in the community.  They have purchased three goats and already have a new baby.  They will continue to breed the goats and use them for milk and eventually meat.  They also have some chickens for eggs and meat.

Their need is for good milk cows not just the native cows.  They will breed these to increase the herd and to sell, and they will provide milk for the children.  They also need more goats and chickens.  They have space for the livestock but they would like to buy a tract of land on which to raise some crops.  Land can be leased but once it is improved and producing the landlord tends to want it back.  The best way is to buy—but money for leasing and seed is better than nothing. 

Below is a list of costs, any contribution would be appreciated.  God’s Word to Women trusts for the funds to buy them a cow.  These are good, honest people with hearts for the Lord and a calling to do this work.  All of your contribution will go toward the project.  There will be no “administrative costs” here.

a.       Dairy cows @ 30,000-40,000 KSH = about $500 to $571 each
b.      Goats @ 2000 KSH each = about $28 each
c.       Laying hens @ 300 KSH =  about $4.00   Only a few can produce lots more!
d.      Land around Watoya runs about $2,500 an acre.  Two or three acres would get the job done. 

To help with this project, contact Pastor Fred Barasa    pastorfred77@yahoo.com

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