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Nancy Woolard-Stow's Testimony

  During revival in a small community church, a teenage girl walked down the aisle and surrendered her heart to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Nancy Woolard knew then that her life would not be her own.  Early on, God began to prepare her for ministry.  "The Lord gave me such a love for His Word," she remembers.  "I began to study at every opportunity."

Nancy was active in the churches she attended as a youth and as a young married woman, but the activity never seemed to fill deep yearnings in her spirit.  She heard about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and began to search the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation regarding this experience.  Closing her Bible one morning after completing her study, she recalls saying, "Yes, it is true.  I believe the experience is for today, and I want it!" 

After being baptized in the Holy Spirit, Nancy began a remarkable new world of adventure in the Spirit.  She became involved in the charismatic renewal which was sweeping the church world at that time.  She saw God move in miraculous ways.  Nancy served on the Board of Women's Aglow, a local charismatic fellowship.  She also served as Study Chairman and Ministry Chairman of the chapter.  Opportunities opened for her to speak and teach leadership training and Bible studies to various women's groups and local churches.  As a faithful member of the Northside Assembly of God in Texarkana, Texas, she became the director of Women's Ministries and taught the sanctuary Bible class.  She was trained in lay counseling and ministry, and actively ministered during the altar services at the church.  Nancy also served as vice-president of leadership training for an organization called "In This Very Room." This ministry taught leadership skills and prepared women for work in prisons and as Bible study leaders.

In 1989, Nancy's world fell apart.  Her marriage of 31 years ended in divorce.  It was a time of complete turmoil in her life and could have "derailed" God's plan for her had she not clung to the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 as her own

"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope.'"

An opportunity opened for her to serve as a short-term missionary to the International Correspondence Institute (ICI in Brussels, Belgium.  It meant leaving all that was familiar--family, friends, and church.  After much prayer and counsel from her pastor and his wife, in March 1990 Nancy found herself on a flight to a new world...and a new life!

Her life in Brussels was filled with excitement and expanded her world view.  She met women from all over the world as a result of her association with ICI, the Brussels chapter of Women's Aglow, and the French-speaking church she attended.  Nancy came to know the women in these organizations, many times requiring an interpreter to communicate.  She realized that women everywhere have the same needs and concerns.

After living in Brussels for a year-and-a-half, ICI transferred its entire operation to Irving, Texas.  It was difficult for Nancy to leave her "oasis," but once gain, she was assured that His "plans for her were for good and not for evil!" She could return to the U.S.  with peace of mind and spirit. 

Since returning to the States, Nancy has served president of the Hurst, Texas Flame chapter, an interdenominational charismatic women's group.  For a short time, she was the Assistant Texas State Overseer for the organization.

In 1992 Nancy enrolled in an ICI University Learning Center Training Course.  The course gave new light to her vision of training women for leadership.  Upon completion of the course, and after prayer and counsel, Nancy knew it was time to bring reality to the vision God had given her.  Nancy's ministry has always been invested in and women's spiritual needs.  She was and is convinced that women, called by God and properly trained, have a biblical place in ministry.  As an exhorter and motivator, Nancy's dream to disciple and train women to become leaders in their spheres of influence for the Kingdom of God has taken form in the ministry of God's Handmaidens.  The purpose of this unique ministry is to train, encourage, disciple, and after commissioning, send women forth to minister in a variety of capacities where God leads.   In the last few years, it has expanded to include men, and the name has been changed to Servanthood Ministries.

NANCY WOOLARD-STOW is a dynamic communicator of the Spirit and the Word of God.  She has over 30 years of leadership experience in Christian women's organizations on the local and state levels.  Nancy is a gifted teacher and has taught leadership training and Bible studies to various women's groups and local churches.

In obedience to Gods call, Nancy founded God's Handmaidens.  Through this organization, women are trained, encouraged, discipled and commissioned to minister to the Body of Christ by taking His message of love and saving grace to a dying world.

"Nancy's ministry has given my life purpose again and restored to me an avenue of service to our Lord.  I praise God that there is a God's Handmaidens for all of us women who desire to serve God and who for myriads of reasons have been kept from entering into a deeper relationship and walk with Him.  " Evelyn Garrett-Bledsoe

"The results of your ministry are immediate as well as far-reaching.  Your sensitivity to the Spirit is appreciated.  We hope you will be able to come again soon and often, " Pastor B. E. Fitch, Hilltop Assembly of God.

"Nancy is a woman of integrity both in and out of the pulpit.  She has confidence and assurance in God's call in her life but without the fleshly pride of self assurance.  My husband and I have high regard for Nancy both as a person and as an anointed minister of God." Jean Oden, Full Gospel Baptist Church.  

Check out the the website  www.servanthoodministries.org

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