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Articles on Patriarchy

Patriarchy or Gender Equality? The Letter to the Ephesians on Submission, Headship, and Slavery   by Dr. Carrie A. Miles  Is religion responsible for patriarchy or can its roots be found in economic necessity? Is Paul patriarchal or did early Christianity actually repudiate patriarchy? Carrie Miles answers these questions in this fascinating article. Don't miss it!

The Patriarchs Are Coming! Why are they arriving on the scene and in our churches?  by Dr. Del Birkey.  Birkey discusses the concept of patriarchy as viewed by traditionalists vs. egalitarians, as well as the current attempt to strengthen this ancient agenda in churches and homes as the benignly renamed complementarianism.  Birkey offers compelling proof in this thesis that the old-order patriarchy has been rendered obsolete in Jesus Christ and the New Testament. He even takes some Christian women to task for their supporting role in this "disarray" from which Jesus came to redeem us.

The Sword is Out: A Strong Response to "Off with the Skirt, On with the Pants" by R. C. Sproul, Jr.  by Alice Whisman.  In her article, Alice Whisman has written a rebuttal to a sermon by Dr. R. C. Sproul Jr. entitled "Off With the Skirt, on With the Pants."  Dr. Sproul may have intended to call men to be serious about their commitment to God and the church and to use their gifts.  However, in the process, his underlying beliefs about the inferiority of women are clearly revealed and found to be unacceptable.

A Time Past Due by Gene Edwards.  Here is Chapter 1 from Gene Edwards' new book, The Christian Woman . . . Set Free.  In his highly readable style, Edwards examines the origins of the negative view of women often found in the Christian church and examines the scriptures used to support this view. GWTW highly recommends The Christian Woman Set Free as an introduction to biblical equality.  A review of The Christian Woman Set Free is found in the Winter 2006 Newsletter.

The Silence That Shouts by Pamela Walford.  This article challenges the traditional view that God is noncommittal and neutral about the atrocities against women in the book of Judges.  She has written a truly penetrating article on the Book of Judges.

Why Modern Patriarchy Is Not Biblical by Kathryn J. Riss, Th.M.  This article details the continuing problems brought on by patriarchy in modern society and provides biblical evidence that patriarchy is not God's idea. 

Patriarchy, Is It God's Order? by Pat Joyce.  Taken from the Spring 2001 newsletter this article exposes the danger and ungodliness inherent in any level of patriarchy.

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