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Beyond Limitation

"Beyond Limitation" is the name of a Christian rap group associated with Covenant City Church and also the name of their first album.  The group represents the church at concerts and hosts concerts in the Kitale area.  It is a major outreach to the youth of the region.  We loved worshiping with them, and they heard what we had to say about biblical equality! 

Here are some comments sent in a note that accompanied the CD they gave us.

"You trio from America have really changed us through your teachings and more so your cooperation.  Not so many people have encouraged us in what we're doing.  We believe God has a purpose of sending you here. 

Through your Biblical equality teachings you have jogged up our minds and now there are two ladies who have expressed their interest in joining the crew and we have accepted!.  Next time, the next album will feature female artists.  Besides this, we shall teach what you've taught us wherever we'll go to sing.  "

God's Word to Women was given a copy of "Beyond Limitation" to bring to the states with the hope that we could promote the work they are doing. 

If you are interested in a copy, please let us know.  We hope to put a song or two online in a podcast this fall.

They are not looking for donations but they can always use the help.  Anything that would give them exposure would be appreciated.

Covenant City Church
P.O. Box 3413
Kitale 30200
East Africa
Telephone 254-721-275008
Email: preachchristministry@yahoo.com


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