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Kenya Projects

Mustard Seed Evangelical Ministries

Bishop Frederick Mulei of Mustard Seed Evangelical Ministries has a well developed twelve year plan to fight social injustice against orphans in order to develop their talents and realize their potential. Since many of the most neglected orphans are girls, we are including this plan on the God’s Word to Women website. Bishop Mulei is currently employed as a teacher. Oversight of the nine churches is possible only because of excellent organizational skills and committed staff—most of whom also have other jobs.

Project Title: The Love of Christ Children’s Center and School

Project Site: Luucho Village, Nalondo Division, Bungoma District, Western Province of Kenya

Project purpose: Provision of basic needs for:

• Education
• Spiritual Counseling
• Clothing
• Medical
• Food

Population Served:

• Orphans,
• Children of widowed or ill parents – semi orphans
• Vulnerable children – due to poverty or family situations
• Children of sound mind—boys and girls ages 6 to 9 years

Academic Level: Provide formal education 8 years primary and 4 years secondary

Mission Statement: To love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Our Vision: To fight social injustice against orphans in order to develop their talents and realize the potential.

Our Goal: To provide an education that will develop the necessary economic and social skills to equip the orphans to play an effective role in society.


• To enhance and improve education among the orphan children
• To create awareness on issues concerned with children’s rights
• To provide basic needs for support in minding the welfare of the orphans
• To improve the socio-economic status of the orphaned child.

To accomplish these goals the ministry has begun recruiting orphans, found a teacher and started a school using the Luucho Mustard Seed Evangelical Church as a classroom. They have purchased some land and have planted crops. The plan is build two classrooms this year and to find someone who will volunteer to prepare and serve food.

We visited the school. They have built desks and have ten children attending. They are in the process of choosing ten more this year.  At the current time the children do not get a noon meal, the teacher is working on a volunteer basis and is often hungry. These are amazing people. They have few books and were delighted with the supplies that we brought.  The plan is to add forty-five beginning students each year, but the goal may not be reached in 2007 as it is the beginning year.

A wonderful man, named Meshach, checks on the children who are living with relatives to be sure they are not being abused. Part of the long range plan is to educate relatives on children’s rights. For example, it is now against the law not to send girls to school. In the past many girls were kept at home to baby-sit or help in the fields. The women do most of the work both at home and on the farms.  For those children who cannot live with relatives because of abuse or neglect, a residential facility is envisioned fashioned after the only existing national school for the poor,  Starehe Boys' Center and School located in Nairobi.

Budget for 2007

  • Purchase 4 hectares = about 10 acres of land @ $2500 an acre- total $25,000

  • Construct 2 classrooms with toilets - $12,000

  • Furniture 45 desks @ $20 each - $900 total

  • Mathematics text books 45 @ $6 each total $270

  • English text books @ 5.00 each total $230

  • Social Studies text books $ $2.70 each total $124.20

  • Kiswahili text books grade one @ $4.50 each total $202.50

  • Science text books grade one @ $3.60 each total $162

  • Creative Arts text books grade one @ $3.00 each total $135

  • Christian religious education books @ $3.00 each total $135

  • Exercise books to write in total cost $480

  • Pencils total cost $20

  • Clothing for 45 children @ $17.75 total $789.75

  • Footwear for 45 children $12.25 each --total $551.25

  • Teacher salary $190 a month-- total $2280 for year

To provide all or any part of the need contact:

Frederic Mulei
P.O. Box 980
Bungoma, Kenya
Email: fmulei@hotmail.com or fnmulei@yahoo.com
Telephone mobile 254 733 482 196 or 254 727 509 259 or 254 735 950 264




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