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Kenya Projects

Motherland School in Webuye, Kenya

Motherland School in Webuye is in its second year.  It was founded by John and Sylvia Khaemba and serves about 150 students.  The school serves children, both boys and girls, from pre-school through grade three.  Their vision is to offer schooling through high school and possibly even college.

In Kenya, good schools are private schools.  The public schools are limited to the lower grades and the education they offer is hampered by overcrowding.   Teachers have 80 to 100 students in their classes.

Parents want the best for their children, so if they can, they send their children to private schools.  In a very poor country, this is a tremendous burden.  Many talented bright children are not reaching their potential in these difficult conditions.

Motherland School works with parents of children who have difficulty paying fees.  They also help with school uniforms.  Our hosts, Wambeye and Loice Wafula, are very active with the school.  Their youngest child  is a student there.  The school founders, John and Sylvia, are part of Wambeye and Loice's  couples ministry and are committed Christians.  Children in Motherland School get a good solid foundation, not only in academics but also in the Lord.  Children will learn about biblical equality in the Motherland School!

Progress is being made.  They have built an office and classrooms as well as a kitchen where a noon meal is prepared for those children who live too far to go home for lunch.  The children are very well behaved.  We visited for over an hour, and it was amazing to see even little ones sitting and paying attention.

While they need everything, there is a crying need for books--all kinds of books.  Homes in Kenya have few books, so a library is the most effective way of providing reading material.  The U.S. post office has a new $37.00 flat rate box to be used to send packages overseas.  Even that is quite expensive.  Donations are probably the best means of helping this school. 

Packages and donations can be sent to:

Wambeye Wafula
P.O. Box 885
Webuye, 50205
Email:  familylife050@yahoo.com
Telephone:  254 735 791 580



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