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GWTW Missions: Pakistan

Christ Revival Church’s Ministry to Lift up the Women of Pakistan 
As Pastor of Christ Revival Church, my wife, Samina Rose, ministers along with me  among the women.  I prayed for her for a year before the Lord brought her into my life.  Rose is an excellent Bible teacher, and many other churches in the city of Lahore invite her to preach.  Our marriage has brought forth three sons – Muqaddas, Jonathan, and Imsia.  Several years ago when I read The Woman Question by Kenneth Hagin, my eyes were opened to what God thought about women.  Later, these verses touched my heart, “Judah has broken faith. . . and has desecrated the sanctuary the LORD loves by marrying the daughter of a foreign god. . . the LORD is acting as the witness between you and the wife of your youth because you have broken faith with her though she is your partner, the wife of your marriage covenant.” 

Non-Christian people here have their own culture and other religious activities. Their religion really pushes women down, not to mention this influence is also in Christianity in Pakistan.  Because Christ set us free is why I am struggling with my church people to help the women in Pakistan--to uplift and show them the truths of how Christ honors women. Our church is involved in different ways ministering among the women. 

Seminars:  We arrange seminars in different places as well in our local church, and women preachers come to preach among the women.  Men and women preachers encourage our sisters in the Lord that they can preach also, and nothing is impossible for women.   

Books: Books are also a very good tool to reach the women. Sometimes women do not have time to attend the seminars, and books really become a blessing to them.  Thank God, schools, as well as academies, are open in villages for education. 

Cable network:  The most effective way to reach people for Christ that we have discovered is the cable network. In Pakistan women and men and children are fond of watching television. God gives me vision to reach the men and women through this avenue.  We really appreciate our Lord using all the technology to glorify Him.  I have many testimonies of how God touches the people through Christ Revival Church’s channel.  One family watches this channel every day.  After six months, they contacted me for a Bible, and I gave them one along with some Christian literature.  After studying the Word of God, they gave their lives to Christ but said we don’t want to announce it in Pakistan.  God is so good and faithful.  

Personal counseling:  Thanks to God for opening the door for us to reach the women in Pakistan through counseling which is also very useful.  Many times when women ask questions, they get the answers in these counseling sessions.  In Pakistan, women are very shy and will not ask questions openly.  My wife trained some sisters how to handle them in counseling. 

Future Planning:   

  1. To send a group of sisters to nearby villages for outreach.
  2. Make a place to accommodate those women who don’t have a home.
  3. Because of parents dying from AIDS, the oldest daughter in the family goes into prostitution in order to feed the younger children. While acknowledging that the parents broke the marriage covenant, causing their daughter to search for a way to feed the siblings without a moral compass, HIV/AIDS has spread quickly in Pakistan. We provide information and arrange seminars for women.
  4. We need your prayers to accomplish all of these requests.
Email address: crevival_church@hotmail.com

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