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9/11/2005  I was so thankful when a member of a Christian group I run online lead me to your site! I am just barely begining to realize that I am equal and that I am not less than men.  The doctrines holding women back have been pounded into my head, and I find myself doubting my position so often. And yet, I know God's voice, and this is not His.  Unfortunately the attack is so subtle sometimes I don't even notice its getting in.

Having said that, I am hoping you can help me.  I have recently entered Bible college.  Its not something I ever thought I would do.  But there was no doubt about the call and I've followed.  I also have a deep desire to be ordained.  This is of God because NEVER in my life have I even considered this.  I don't have any idea where the determination for this comes from, but I keep pursuing despite the countless dead ends and slammed doors I come up against. 

My pastor takes a week to respond to any of my emails regarding this, and his answers are vague and shallow.  I've found that most denominations who will ordain women would not ordain me because I believe in the 5th point of Calvinism (that once you have accepted the gift of salvation it can not be taken from you, no matter your actions).  I am told this leaves only non-denominational, independent churches and Charismatic churches.  I don't care really what denomination ordains me since I see us all as God's children.  Our bickering over views of the Bible is just childish foolishness that we will all regret once we reach heaven. 

I have been seeking this diligently, but so far I can only find people who can point me in a general direction, none that can directly help.  I am grateful for them as they have helped me understand and narrow things down, but I still don't really know where to look.

I am writing with the hope that there is even a small chance that you might be able to help me in my quest for ordination.

I am currently ministering through an online community in a blog site called Live journal.  My community can be found at www.livejoyrnal.com/community/judjedchristian.htm  there I minister to those who have a need and provide a daily verse with a short rant/devotional.  I am serious about my commitment to God, and I don't want to receive my ordination through some "order by mail" program like "universal life church".  If there is anything that you could do to help I would greatly appreciate it. 

 Dear Melissa:

I believe that it is God who ordains.  What we do is to recognize what He has already done.  So, if He has already done it, don't let a piece of paper slow you down.  Sometimes I think that ordination makes for hierarchy.  People need to all be ministers in the place that God has called them.  This idea of hired holy men/women is not what Christianity is supposed to be.  The early church met in homes and everyone participated.  Kind of like the blog!

Where are you going to Bible College? I'm asking, because there is a new program just starting up under Hyatt International Ministries.  It would lead to ordination and they will be offering a Christian Women's Studies Program as a field choice.  I will be teaching a course for them Oct.  21-22 in Cool, Texas on what Jesus taught about women. It is to be filmed and put on DVD, so that attending in person is not required for every course.  You might want to take a look at what they are going to offer.  Go to www.icwhp.org.  and take a look. 

I went to the website.  We three or older--I don't get enough opportunity to participate with your generation.  It was good to see young people working through the questions of their hearts.  You're doing a good job with the answers that I read.  Seems like quite a ministry.  You need to read how God put our ministry together. 
www.godswordtowomen.org/God_thing.htm  For us, He put together something that we could never have come up with in the natural.  After 7 years we are still able to come to one mind on every issue that arises.

OK, time to cut this off.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Blessings, Pat

8/25/05  Dear Gods Word to Women,

I feel sad that I must write to a website halfway around the world to help me, but I feel isolated in my bible studies and would appreciate any answer you can give to my question, no matter how brief.

Several years ago I prayed desperately about the "male headship" issue because I felt in my heart and spirit that there was something wrong with what we were being taught.  Specifically I felt there was a need for females in ministry to minister to the needs of other women, yet all around me were males.  Graciously, the Lord led me to Charles Trombley's book.  He has the wonderful ability to explain complex biblical and Greek terms in manner I could understand.  Even though his book had been around for 15 years by that stage I had NEVER heard anything like his arguments talked about in any church I attended.  A huge weight lifted off my shoulders as I felt some validation.  I have since read several other books and I believe I have come to a "Complementarian without hierarchy" position or egalitarian position before the Lord.

But every now and then something comes along to "throw a spanner" in my thinking.  Yesterday I went to a major Christian bookstore and was shocked to discover that the majority of the major recently published bible commentaries still clearly teach that the male authority is ordained from Genesis 3:16 and from the other well known New Testament passages.  The commentary edited by FF Bruce whom I really respect differed at least on Gen 3:16.

I needed a compact bible commentary for the Old Testament studies I have started, and the best I could find was the very popular Nelson's Compact Bible Commentary by Radmacher, Allen and Wayne House, published by Thomas Nelson 2004.

In reference to the Ephesians 5 passages about submission, it has this to say on page 840.


" What kind of submission is Paul advocating in Ephesians? Some hold that Paul is speaking of mutual submission in this passage (5:21-6.4).  They point to the phrase "submitting to one another in the fear God" (5:21) as the overall theme of the verses following it (5:21-6:4).  According to this view, husbands and wives, parents and children, masters and slaves all submit to each other in different ways.

This passage certainly teaches a proper Christian response to each other at different levels, as the mutual submission view holds.  It is clear that Paul develops two ideas side by side- submission and the appropriate response of the one to whom submission is given.  But the mutual submission view does not adequately reflect the meaning of submission in Greek.  The Greek term for submission has military origins, emphasising being under the authority of another.  The word does not connote a forced submission, instead it is voluntary submission to a proper authority.  Thus, Paul seems to be saying that wives should voluntarily place themselves under the authority of their husbands.  The same word is used to describe Christians voluntarily submitting to governmental authorities (1 Peter 2:13) and younger people submitting to the wisdom of their elders (1 Pet 5:5).  In this passage, Paul gives the illustration of the church's submission to Christ.  After encouraging wives to submit to their husbands, Paul goes on to describe how children should obey their parents, and slaves their masters.  Their subordination is described in terms of obedience, instead of in terms of voluntary submission.
But Paul's major emphasis is this passage is not on the submission of wives, but on the duty of those who are in authority.  Husbands should imitate the love of Christ.  Parents should not provoke children.  Masters are not to threaten their slaves.  The apostle argues that serving is more important than being in authority over others.  Christ should be our model.  Although He, as God's son, could demand obedience from all, He did not shrink from performing duties that were customarily the task of a servant.  Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.  A husband is to be a Godly leader, he is to be a servant leader.  His role is to lead his wife, but to do so by taking everything about her into consideration and by using his position to give her the greatest opportunity to succeed."

Firstly, I have absolutely no problem with voluntary submission to the military and government for the purposes that they have been set up for, and I have no problem with submitting to the "wisdom" of my elders.  The problem I have with this is nature of the authority of the military and the government as used in the analogy.  Here in Australia, it is highly emphasized that the government is "for the people, by the people" to represent the people and to enforce laws to keep the country safe.  Thankfully most of the laws we have here are based on biblical laws, but not all of them. 

Secondly, the military are under the command of the people via the government.  While in times of war, the public obeys them because they respect them for their knowledge, training and intelligence gathering, in peace time, they come under the authority of the people again.  If they continually used their authority over the people, we would have a military dictatorship.  I don't see any examples of military dictatorships being advocated by God in the Bible.  God used the military to achieve His purposes.  God was always the authority to which the people had to give their submission and allegiance.  Also, God leaders, (some of whom were women) were appointed by God and if they didn't obey God he punished and removed them.  They were to impart God's wisdom and his laws to the people.  Judges and courts were set up to resolves disputes, and these were representatives from "each" of the tribes, a clear precursor to the kind of democracy we have today, in my view.  If a Government abuses it's position of trust over the people, we vote them out.

I have trouble drawing from this analogy that the husband's authority over the wife is a "permanent" thing for all time, in fact I see the military analogy as being a perfect description of mutual submission with authority being shared.

Can someone shed some light on this for me? I will appreciate any thoughts you have or internet links you can provide to help me understand this.

Thank you for being there.    Yours sincerely,  Ann

Dear Ann:

You write, "I see the military analogy as being a perfect description of mutual submission with authority being shared." In that statement, you describe what Ephesians 5:22 truly portrays.  In my KJV Bible, the word "submit" is not in italics, denoting an added word.  However, the word "submit" is not found in the original Greek.  Actually, verses 18-21 give us characteristics of the Spirit-filled life--speaking, singing, making, giving, and submitting in the ways described.  Writing on v.  21, Katharine Bushnell in her book, God's Word to Women, says that "submission is a mutual function where one yields personal preference to the other when principle is not involved.  In the quote you give from Nelson's Compact Bible Commentary, I've never considered the "submitting" of v.  21 to continue through 6:4.  In 6:1, Paul is admonishing children to obey their parents and rightly so.  However, the meaning of "submit" and "obey" are worlds apart as the authors acknowledge.  I've always considered the "submitting" of v.  21 as an application to the scriptures following on wives and husbands. 

Considering the present status of the US military, the submission is voluntarily chosen.  However, that's where it ends.  From then on, after the initial choosing, the man or woman is under the authority of the US military and does not make decisions along the way based on whether they voluntarily choose a course of action.  When I join God's army (I'm never conscripted), I place myself into His hands for strength and safekeeping.  Yes, I may choose to disobey the leadership of His Spirit for what I may consider very valid reasons.  However, I must be prepared to pay the consequences for disobedience.  I love the way Katharine Bushnell puts emphasis on the word that KJ chooses, "and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee." On "shall be" having been added, see Lesson 16 #127 and the difference between "shall" and "will." I'm not going to steal her thunder but will suggest that you read some of her early lessons that cover the creation as well as Genesis 3:16.  Check it out The more recently published Bible commentaries are based on poor translations. 

Yes, male authority is given in Genesis 3:16 after the Fall.  God, however, wants to restore His people to their pre-Fall condition where they were co-regents and co-rulers over His creation.  The "someone who can shed some light on this" is, of course, the Holy Spirit.  He is the one commissioned to be our teacher, leader and guide.  He wants you to know the truth more than you do! At the present, momentum is building for the release of women.  Truly, Psalm 68:11 (See Amplified) is being fulfilled right before our eyes as the Lord is raising up that great army (company) of women to go forth and proclaim and publish His Word.  Ann, I believe you're a part of that army!


Dear Barbara,

Thank you very much for your reply.   I hope one day to learn the Greek and Hebrew languages myself.  I will also have a look through the many articles here on your website. 

I can see that I need to put some more thought into the military analogy, but when someone signs up to the military, clearly the military can only dictate in those areas that are directly related to the job (just like any job really), and obviously there are a myriad of areas in the person's life that the military cannot dictate to. 

You say - "Yes, male authority is given in Genesis 3:16 after the Fall." I am afraid that I must agree to disagree with you on this.  When I prayed desperately and earnestly about this issue the Lord led me, I believe miraculously, to Charles Trombley's book "Who Said Women Can't Teach".  I note that you list his book on your site.  I am going to trust God's heart on where he led me.  Charles says that this is not an accurate translation of Gen 3:16.  Please see Chapter 11 of this book.  The commentary edited by F F Bruce that I read yesterday in the Christian bookstore (sorry I forgot to write down its title) also says that the correct translation of "he will rule you" in this verse is NOT a command by God. 

Thus it is difficult to interpret this as meaning that male headship was ordained by God at the fall.  It is given in the futuristic tense as a prediction of the damage that sin was going to do in the husband/wife relationship (Charles Trombley's view).

I think the correct interpretation of Gen 3:16 is the most crucial thing in this whole issue, as it seems that how the rest of the bible is interpreted (or misinterpreted) is coloured or biased by this verse.  You say - "God, however, wants to restore His people to their pre-Fall condition where they were co-regents and co-rulers over His creation.  The "someone who can shed some light on this" is, of course, the Holy Spirit.  He is the one commissioned to be our teacher, leader and guide.  He wants you to know the truth more than you do! At the present, momentum is building for the release of women.  Truly, Psalm 68:11 (See Amplified) is being fulfilled right before our eyes as the Lord is raising up that great army (company) of women to go forth and proclaim and publish His Word.  Ann, I believe you're a part of that army!"

Yes I agree.  It is the TRUTH and nothing but the truth that will set BOTH men and women free (as in John 8:32.), to be the co-regents and co-rulers over his creation as outlined in Genesis.  While I feel that I can freely preach God's word (whether my denomination will allow me may be another matter!), I do not feel that I can teach male headship to other women.  At best, I feel that all I could do is direct them to the best of the arguments from all angles of this issue, and encourage them to seek the Lord themselves.  I worry that many women feel intimidated from questioning this, because they feel that to do so is "usurping" male authority.  That makes me very sad.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply to me.  I have signed up to receive the newsletter from your site and also some of the other women's ministries you have listed in your links.

God bless and have a great day!   Ann

Dear Ann:

You're right! I was in too much of a hurry to get things done that I could have said it better.  Only is "male authority" given in Genesis 3:16 based on the poor translations that "support" most of the traditional pablum that we are fed.  Trombley is absolutely correct in that an inaccurate translation is used.  I, too, have his book and have had it even longer than I have had Bushnell's.  Bushnell makes quite a point of the word "teshuqa," (Lesson 16 #128), particularly when she made the accompanying chart on that word.  Because, in conclusion, on that chart, we see how the word "teshuqa" originally meant "turning" in that "Eve must have turned from God and followed Adam out of Eden." (#122).  The chart reveals how the word "turning" actually became "lust" and was translated "desire." Another major point that Bushnell makes is the difference between the words "shall," which is an imperative and "will" which is simple future and warning woman of the consequences of her action.  (#127).  We're on the same page!

I love your statement, "I think the correct interpretation of Gen 3:16 is the most crucial thing in this whole issue, as it seems that how the rest of the bible is interpreted (or misinterpreted) is coloured or biased by this verse." In that sense, we are in total agreement with Bushnell as she felt the same way, thereby giving much space to the correct interpretation of that verse.  You say, "While I feel that I can freely preach God's word (whether my denomination will allow me may be another matter!) .  .  .  " Your denomination mistranslates Genesis 3:16 and draws its initial ideas on "male headship" from that little phrase, "and he shall rule over you." I will pray that you are released from that denomination in order that you can truly and freely preach whatever the Holy Spirit has taught you including the "doctrine" of male headship! Or, perhaps, as you stay there, you would have the boldness to stir up a virtual "hornet's nest!"

You write, "I worry that many women feel intimidated from questioning this, because they feel that to do so is "usurping" male authority.  That makes me very sad." Wouldn't it be wonderful if those same women had enlightenment on the word used for "authority" in I.  Timothy 2.

You say, "It is my view that children need to see male leadership PLUS female leadership working together in a mutually submissive environment.  God is neither male nor female, but possesses qualities of both males and females, as he says that he made "them" (males and females) in his image (Gen 1:27)." All I can respond is to say Amen, my sister, Amen!!

Because of Him,  Barbara

Dear Barbara,

Oh what a blessed relief your answer has been! I just want to let you know that God has used your small error in not "wording it quite right" to teach me a big lesson and grow my faith! I was deeply disturbed by what you wrote, considering I thought you meant that male authority was ordained in Gen 3:16 as it has taken me years to learn and understand just the opposite.  I see you as a woman (and your colleagues there) of much greater knowledge, understanding and intellectual ability than me.  Therefore I am easily thrown by the strong opinions of people like this and my faith tumbles.  But yesterday, when I read your answer, I thought back to my despair over the issue and remembered God's faithfulness to my cry for help and the way he provided Charles Trombley's book.  I decided to trust anew that God would not have led me at that time to an answer that was not true.

So yesterday, when I wrote to you that I would trust God's heart in where he had led me, that was indeed a big step of faith for me.  Standing up to strong women is not something I can easily do.  But in the end, it seems the Lord has led us both the same understanding! This has been very validating and faithbuilding.  Thank you!!

I would love God to use me within the denomination I am in.  I have just started a Bible course at the College run by my denomination, and am troubled that the teacher of Old Testament studies is teaching male headship, and the arguments he has used in the course notes are very flimsy indeed.  I need to write an appraisal at the end of the semester, and I am asking for God's words to write that will encourage this teacher to at least acknowledge the controversy about this, and encourage students to seek the truth for themselves.  My Father-in-law is a clergy man helping to run the college and he still believes in male headship, although I know he is open to other opinions.  So this is a tough thing for me.  Pray for me!!!

Thanks again.  I am a fan of your website!  God Bless, Ann
Brisbane Australia

7/25/05   Hello,   I came upon your web site today, and it was a great encouragement to me.  As a young woman, I have been struggling a lot lately between what I have been taught about women ministering in churches and what I find myself believing now.  In my own experiences, women in my church have not been allowed to serve as elders (ministers or deacons) and neither can they teach classes where men are in attendance (even if it is a young, married couples class like the one my husband and I attend).  I feel that words like "submit" and "authority" have been taken out of context and have been used to promote something that isn't Biblical. 

I say all this to tell you that it's nice to know that I am not alone.  I don't want to be considered a feminist, as the term implies something that I am not.  I didn't know there were so many other Christian women of all different ages who believe that scripture has been interpreted incorrectly over the years, and that we are continuing to do things out out of tradition and not Biblical basis. 

One question I am hoping you might be able to answer.  I am looking to attend a local (Baptist?) church, and specifically one that supports women in ministry.  Would you happen to have a list of churches in the Fort Worth or Arlington, Texas area that I could look into joining? If not, do you know of a way I can find out which local churches do?

I really appreciate your help! I greatly look forward to hearing back from you!   Rachel

Dear Rachel:

How glad I am that you found our website.  It was women, like yourself, that we pray would discover GWTW.  What we have been taught is tradition.  Rather than being encouraged to get our heads in the Book and find out for ourselves what the Bible actually says (in the original languages) about woman's place in marriage and ministry in the church especially, we have been spoon-fed what others think it means with their interpretations being based on mistranslations.  In the God's Word to Women book, Katharine Bushnell, the author, adequately and thoroughly addresses this consideration.  The book is on our website as well as Jessie Penn-Lewis' book, The Magna Charta of Woman.

The GWTW book has a wonderful Index to look over while Magna Charta takes some of the hot-button topics about women and condenses them.  Penn-Lewis gives full credit to Bushnell.  You are so right on in your first paragraph.

In the "Who We Are" section of our website, we particularly address the use of the word "feminist" in what we're about.  Actually, the Lord is preparing a mighty, massive move in behalf of and with women in the days ahead as the prophetic word of Psalm 68:11 (See Amplified) is fulfilled when that great company of women go forth publishing and proclaiming His word.  As one who grew up in the Southern Baptist faith, I am aware of the limitations placed on women. 

Rachel, when you go to
www.godswordtowomen.org/summer%202000.htm  you'll find the article on Women Pastors, Wifely Submission and Southern Baptists.  In finding the church that is right for you, you'll just have to rely on the Holy Spirit 's leadership.  When you visit a prospective church and it seems right to you, you could call or make an appointment with the pastor or his representative about what they believe about women.  They may say they believe in women in ministry; however, the truth is they don't believe in women elders.  Be sure that one of your questions is, "Do you have any women elders?" The proof is always in the pudding! Ask them if any women serve on the Board that governs the church.

My favorite church in the area is Shady Grove Church.  Check 'em out -
www.shadygrove.org It's located in Grand Prairie.

Because of Him,  Barbara

5/29/05   Our church is involved in outreach mission work to African nations.  As we are seeing men with multiple wives come to Jesus, is there a biblical argument for or against polygamy?  Lynda

Dear Lynda:

The answer would be in Genesis 2 and Matthew where Jesus refers to the Genesis passage when talking about God's original plan for marriage.  However, you need to seek God for what to do with a situation that is already in effect.  He allowed it for the patriarchs to have multiple wives.  You can't just throw these women and their children out into the cold.

I'm going to send this on to the Gay and Barbara for their thoughts.   Blessings,  Pat

Dear Lynda:

According to the scriptures, polygamy is not right - "Neither shall he multiply wives for himself, lest his heart turn away .  .  ." (Deut.  17:17).  As Pat shared, God's plan for marriage is found in Genesis 2:24 (repeated in Mt.  19:4-5), which tells us that a man is joined to his wife and the two shall become one flesh.  Evidently, it was tolerated because the scriptures are full of those who practiced it--Job, Abraham, Esau David, Solomon, and on an on. 

With a sincere, heart-changing salvation experience, the Holy Spirit shows that He is quite capable of straightening up a person's life without human help.  When Jesus speaks of bringing forth fruits worthy of repentance (Mt.  3:8), He is speaking of life changes that attest to a true work of repentance in a human heart.  It is not so much a Biblical argument to be presented as it is our seeking and calling out to the Lord for His Holy Spirit to establish a new convert in their salvation.

Because of Him,  Barbara

5/20/05   Hello!   I just discovered your site and it looks really good.  I come from the Reformed and am just beginning to see the truths of egalitarianism.  I completely left the Reformed Tradition about a month ago.  I have been attending an AOG Church on Wednesdays for nearly a year.  I was a bit shocked when I quickly discovered a female Pastor there. But thank God it didn't chase me away.  Instead I've watched her with fascination. 

My question is how do you answer those who insist that Jesus was and will always be equal but submissive to the Father and use this as a model for marriage. 
Thank you for your help.   Blessings, Beth

Dear Beth:

I'm glad you didn't run away from the female pastor! Biblical equality means just what it says--biblical equality without regard for gender. In answer to your question about the Trinity, let me refer you to Kevin Giles who wrote a superb article entitled, "The Doctrine of the Trinity and Subordination." Let me encourage you to read it at http://www.cbeinternational.org/new/free_articles/Kevin%20Giles.shtml. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Kevin answered every question you have in this article.  Should you desire, please feel free to write me.

Because of Him,  Barbara

3/30/05 Hi my name is Ronna.  I just wanted to thank you for the information on your website.  As a spirit filled woman whom God has chosen to be a leader in the Body of Christ, as you're well aware, the opposition is disheartening.  I'm so grateful that you've taken the time to put your site together.  It's a great resource and an encouragement.

God bless you!   Ronna

Thanks Ronna, it has been a work of all three of us plus all the wonderful people who have let us have their material.  I think the Lord may have had a hand in it too ( : We're delighted for you to put up our link.

I have just gone to your website.  It is wonderful.  Your poetry, particularly the last ones that you will sing.  Awesome! I love the mountains, the space, no cities and buildings.  Wonder if that is something God just puts in us, to see His work and delight in His creation.  Our daughter now lives in Canada, Snow Lake, MB.  A couple of summers ago we spent time in the Canadian Rockies.  What a blessing to grow up near such beauty.  I spent my early years in Denver and the call of the mountains remains in my soul.

I copied the poem beginning "In the storm I see the Lord." I want to print it out where I can read it again.  If you get that CD finished, be sure to let me know.  I want one.  Also would like to buy the piano CD that you have available.  Let me know how to get it.  I love music like that in the morning when the Lord and I get together for some fellowship.  It seems to help me turn loose of all the "stuff" and tune in to Him.   Blessings, Pat


Dear Becky: I am going to send this on to Barbara and Gay and our intercessors so they can give you their thoughts.   My favorite books on prayer are With Christ in the School of Prayer, A classic by Andrew Murray and Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets.   The Murray book has short chapters which would accommodate a Sunday School class study.   I don't remember if either of these books teaches of fasting.   The book on fasting that meant the most to me was The Coming Revival by Bill Bright.   This may have just been personal but God really spoke to me through that book.  It probably would not do for Sunday School.  Another book on fasting is God's Chosen Fast but I can't remember who wrote it.  See what you get from the others.  Blessings, Pat

Dear Becky, These books Pat has recommended are exactly the ones I would suggest for your needs, but as to my knowledge no work books are available.  I believe Herbert Lockyer wrote a book, All the Prayers of the Bible.  These records of prayer would also include fasting and the marvelous ways God moved on behalf of the intercessors.  This will be a blessed study for your Sunday School class, and I do encourage you all to apply the principles you learn, and come back with good reports to the class.

We are glad you have visited our web-site and pray our Lord's richest blessings upon you.  Gay

Dear Becky: One of my favorite books on prayer is entitled, Love on its Knees by Dick Eastman by Chosen Books, Fleming H. Revell Company, 1989.  One of the subtitles is, "How to make your life a ministry of intercession." On fasting, Arthur Wallis wrote, as fart as I am concerned, one of the classics on fasting entitled, God's Chosen Fast, Christian Literature Crusade, 1973.  Another book, which I have not read, is entitled, Seven Guides to Effective Prayer and subtitled, "Secrets of intercession and spiritual warfare from seven great prayer warriors: George Mueller, Hudson Taylor, Praying Hyde, Charles Finney, David Brainerd, Rees-Howells, Madame Guyon" by Colin Whittaker - Bethany House Publishers, 1987.  I have read of these named separately but not altogether like in this book.

I trust these suggestions will help you in your search.  Of course, no one can put you right on the path needed for your Sunday School class like the Holy Spirit! It's not learning the principles of prayer alone that's important, but the practice of those principles.  As Colin Whittaker rightly reminds us, "throughout the ages Bible teachers have taught that in order to be effective, the study of prayer must be biographical." We cannot hope to catch the truth of prayer except as we closely examine the prayer lives of men and women who have made a worthwhile and valuable contribution to the study of both the principles and the practice of prayer. 

May the Lord richly bless this upcoming study! Because of Him, Barbara

Dear Pat, I don't know if you remember me, but I wrote to you a year or more ago about what God was doing with a workshop dealing with traumatic birth issues from a Christian perspective.  You sent me Helen Wessel's book on Natural Childbirth that a missionary had given you, because you would need to give it to someone someday.  Thank you so, so much.

The work that you women do is truly life-changing.  Thanks for being obedient to God.  We have ruined our local librarian for traditional male-dominant church thinking! She is a believer who has known for some time that Jesus loved women, but she believed that Paul and the rest really did not like women.  I referred her to your website, and she is hooked! The other day she had printed off a huge stack of articles from the website, bought herself a Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible, and has gotten down to some serious study.  There is such a light in her eyes now - since she now knows that God really does love women!

I am preparing to do a workshop in Flint, Michigan next month addressing birth related emotional wounds.  The brochure is geared to both Christians and non- Christians, and I really want the women who come to leave with the understanding that God did not curse them, and that He loves them.  I am hoping that the things they learn there will be a catalyst for further research and for setting women free!!!! Kathryn Bushnell's book God's Word to Women is one of the sources for the workshop, and the bibliography refers people to your website.  Would it be appropriate for you to list the workshop in your events section? I would very much appreciate it.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Sincerely, Terri

Dear Terri: I was thinking about you a couple of days ago and wondering what had happened with your vision.  This is fantastic.  I'll get it on the web today.  You can not begin to know how much it means to us to find out about someone like your librarian.  I'm sending this on to the rest Barbara and Gay and our intercessors.  Such an encouragement! How about a report after your workshop is completed? Blessings, Pat

3/10/05 Good morning, Looking for Charles Trombley's web site (I translated his book "Who said women can't teach" into French) the other evening through a search engine, I found your web site.

Katharine's Bushnell's work is a truly amazing lady and the extent of her studies and the light she sheds on the Word are what is needed.  I am an ordained minister of the Gospel and have told people about the Word being twisted with regards to women.  I have also experienced the rejection of what the Lord has invested in me and other women I know by leaders in churches, both in France and the UK, where I have lived mostly.  I have been a Christian for 20 years (I met the Lord in England) and believe in the fivefold ministry (Ephesians) and gifts of the Spirit (Galatians).  I pray for healing and deliverance and have a (small) housegroup each week in my home, mostly out-of-church Christians.  I would very much like to translated this book into French (there are over 50 French-speaking countries in the world) at some stage, as soon as I can.  I have just accepted a work of translation for an American book recently, so I must do things in order.

I would appreciate your input and views as to the feasibility of publishing this work in French at some stage.  Just now there is no way I could finance the printing and publishing, but could perhaps interest some Christian publishers I know here, once the translation is completed.  With joy in Him @nne

Dear Anne: What a wonderful offer.  The full text is on the website.  Feel free to use it.  I will be glad to send you the timeline that we added to the book when we republished it this past winter.  Our website also has a wealth of information for women who are looking for biblical truth.  If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know.  The more people who can discover that the traditional teaching about the place of women is not scriptural the sooner the walls will come down.

I'm sending this on to Barbara and Gay my partners on this website.  Would love to hear from you again.  Blessings, Pat

Thank you Pat for your very prompt reply.  My experience with the US/Canada is that it's often difficult to get a quick reply, but you have proven me wrong...  I already downloaded the full book and passed it on to several people both in the UK and France.

Charles Trombley's book is very useful as an introduction to the subject and he has thoroughly researched material for 2 years before actually writing the book, but K Bushnell's in-depth study is a delight for those who seek Truth.  I met Charles Trombley and his wife in Tulsa last August, and I also met TL Osborne, as I was visiting a Christian friend who lives there.  Meeting TL Osborne was for me a revelation of the Father's heart towards the French and the French-speaking world.  I saw such divine love in his eyes when he spoke about France, it moved me deeply in my inner being.  I just knew it was not the man speaking but the Spirit within him.  Awesome !

Europe: is there anyone teaching what you teach in Europe ? In the UK for example ? I would be very interested to know.  Thank you for your replies.  With joy in Him @nne

Praise God!  What a wonderful "connection" here.  We shall keep this before Him and trust this is another one of His divine appointments.  Love,Gay

Dear Anne: Wow! What an exciting thought of the GWTW book being translated into French.  I'm certain that as we begin to pray into this project that the Lord who has led thus far will continue to lead on into the fulfillment He has in mind.  It is wonderful that you have a house group that meets in your home each week.  Actually, you are avant garde in the Body of Christ; for in days ahead, the world will see the church being transformed through house churches. 

I'm a firm believer in this statement: "Where God guides; God provides . . ." When the time comes to print the book, the funds will be there.  Because of Him, Barbara

We have responded to questions from Mohammad by putting our answer immediately following his question in bold.

3/8/05 Description of "Death" , "Soul" & "Spirit" in Qura'n

Is human including "body" and "spirit" (ghost) ?
If a person dies , is there anything to live hereafter ? ----- "Spirit" (ghost)

"Spirit " is sometimes translated as "ghost," but the Holy Spirit is not some weird aberration that appears in spooky places.  Man is body, soul (mind, will, and emotions) and spirit.  Man's spirit was created in the image of God as God is spirit.  So what lives after physical death is the soul and spirit.  Christians believe their physical body will be raised to one like Jesus had after His resurrection when He came to earth the first time. 

Sura 4:71
"O followers of the Book! do not exceed the limits in your religion, and do not speak (lies) against God, but (speak) the truth; the Messiah, Isa son of Maryam is only an apostle of God and His Word which He communicated to Maryam and a spirit from Him; believe therefore in God and His apostles, and say not, Three.  Desist, it is better for you; God is only one God; far be It from His glory that He should have a son, whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth is His, and God is sufficient for a Protector."

The word translated "apostle" in English from Greek only means "sent one." Certainly, the Messiah was sent from God; and to prove it, God raised him from the dead.  He is more than others in that none have this kind of confirmation from God.  In the Bible, God is described as One but represented in three persons, Father, Word (incarnate as Son) and Spirit. 

Some Prophecy points! ("Smoke")
"Saints" = "144000" = "Moqarraboon" in Qura'n
"Seal 6" in Bible(Rev.6) = "Assa-aat" in Qura'n (Great earthquake)

There are many parallels in beliefs in religions.  The Bible was written before the Qura'n.  The problem is that only one is true.  As one who has studied the Bible for years, I am awed by its consistency and the patterns that follow from Genesis to Revelation.  I am convinced that only God could have been the real author of this Book, the Bible.  He used men to write it, but He gave these faithful servants His words that we might know Him. 

People of "Sabbath": Why do you keep "Sunday" holy !!!? "Law" or "Grace" !?

The word "Sabbath" simply means "rest" or cessation from work--the works of man.  God worked six days in creation and rested on the seventh day and sanctified it, setting it apart from the remainder of the working week (Hebrews 4:9).  The weekly Sabbaths in Israel pointed back to creation's rest as well as forward to redemptive rest which would come at the close of God's working week (Hebrews 4:9). 

Through Ezekiel, the prophet, God said that He had given His Sabbaths to be a sign to Israel (Ezekiel 20:12).  The Lord commanded Israel to keep the Sabbath by ceasing work, in general, and the doing of one's own pleasures on this day set aside as a holy convocation or a time to delight oneself in the Lord.  No business was transacted on the Sabbath day (Nehemiah 10:31-33; 13:15-22).  Over the years, Sabbath- keeping became not only polluted, but it also became a real mockery to God.  The Jewish Commentaries (the Talmud), for instance, ended up having 1,521 rules for the Sabbath. 

Jesus had a lot to say about the Sabbath regarding the plucking of ears of corn to healing and doing good deeds on the Sabbath day.  To give you a little idea of the corruption into which Sabbath observance had fallen, when Jesus healed the man with the withered hand or the woman with an infirmity (Luke 13:10-17) or the impotent man Jesus healed at the pool of Bethsaida, or the man born blind (all of which were healed on the Sabbath day), Jesus was showing them what it truly meant to keep the Sabbath.  All he received was angry and hypocritical resistance to his actions.  Jesus truly wanted them to see that the Sabbath was kept by worshiping the Lord God, teaching, preaching, healing and blessing those in spiritual and physical need.  What was lacking in the Jewish Sabbath was the atoning blood of Jesus Christ, which alone can bring true rest and give true Sabbath.  The Sabbath day pointed to the Person.  The Jews in Christ's time became so involved in the day of rest with all its distortions that they crucified the One who could give them rest.  (John 18:28; 19:31; Acts 13:27).  When sin is ultimately dealt with and brought to an end, then Messiah Jesus will bring in the seventh Day of Rest or the Millennial Kingdom Rest.  This is the Sabbath that remaineth for the people of God but can only be entered into and enjoyed by accepting the blood of redemption (Hebrews 4:9).

There are believers today who would impose Sabbath keeping, as well as other ceremonial laws, on the church.  Sabbath keeping and circumcision were two of the greatest signs of God's covenant with the chosen nation of Israel.  These signs were not given to the Gentiles.  The New Covenant had its own sign and seal, the true and spiritual rest, which is the baptism of the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 28-9-11; Acts 2:1-4) To take the Sabbath day and impose the keeping thereof upon Christians today, Jew or Gentile, is to take the sign and seal of the Old Covenant and add it to the sign and seal of the New Covenant.  The keeping of the Sabbath is a loving privilege and not a legal obligation Under the New Testament, there is absolutely no command to keep any special day.  The keeping of the Lord's day was a voluntary, spontaneous day of worship and service to the Lord.  The day was kept, not because it was a legal obligation, but because New Testament believers loved to keep it.  That same attitude should be the reason believers keep it today.

All of the Ten Commandments are repeated in one form or another by Christ and the Apostles in the New Testament except the keeping of the Sabbath mentioned in the fourth commandment which is never once commanded in the New Testament.  Christ is the Rest-bringer and the Rest-giver, which emphasizes not the keeping of a day but the receiving of a Person--Christ Jesus, our Lord.  That's the way to find the rest of God. 

Why is the "blood" of Christ clean ?

The blood of Christ is clean because He was "fathered" by the Holy Spirit who came upon Mary and the one conceived was Holy.  The scripture teaches that God did not want sacrifice and offerings but obedience.  Jesus came into a body prepared for Him in order to be that obeidient one--a completely obedient man to replace Adam who sinned and passed his sin on to all his offspring.  Sin comes through the male, not the female for the female was deceived but Adam knew exactly what he was doing when he chose to be disobedient.  "And Adam was not deceived . . ." (I. Timothy 2:14) Since Jesus was conceived without sin and did not sin during his life, His blood is clean.  Through the offering of His blood on the altar of Calvary, those who have believed and now believe and have asked Him or now ask Him into their lives are no longer condemned by God.  Salvation through Christ is a free gift.  You cannot earn your way into God's favor.  A loving God has made a way for human beings to come back into relationship with Him.

May these responses be richly blessed by His Holy Spirit.  Pat

3/6/05  Ephesians 5:22-24 What Christ created women to be is a help to her husband and to be (vs 24) subject to their own husbands in EVERYTHING. 

Consider 1 Peter Chapter 3 vs. 1-6, vs. 6 says "Even as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him Lord;".  What Katharine considered truth was her truth, not the truth of the Bible.  The wisdom God has granted me comes from the knowledge of the Bible, not traditions of men!

Where in the Bible does it say that half of His army is being held captive and needs to be set free? You can be everything God created you to be! But you can't be more than He created you to be.

The truth of your role in Jesus Christ does not come from a heretical book written by Katharine Bushnell, it comes from His Holy Word.

Pray for understanding before reading God's Word and you will find exegesis.  Sincerely, Travis

Too late, she's died in 1946.  An awesome woman of God who knew the truth.  May God grant you the wisdom to at least consider that what you have considered truth is the tradition of men.  God is wanting to set the other half of His army free to be everything that He created them to be.  We do not want to take your place, we only want to add our gifts to yours.  Only Christ can be my Lord, not a man.  Blessings, Pat

3/6 Dear Pastors, Hi! How are you? I hope all is well with you in Texas.  I'm sorry I have not kept you up-to-date on this situation but actually nothing has happened yet.  I sent the second set of 22 questions to my pastor on August 30 and am still patiently waiting for him to respond.  I questioned him about it six weeks ago and he kindly said he had been too busy and has just not had time to answer them yet.  He said he still intends to answer them.  But now I feel that I have become sort of a burden to him by loading him up with so many questions and feel that I have strained our relationship.  I'm praying that he will have all the time he needs to seriously consider the questions (without causing him stress) and also that he will develop an interest in women's leadership so he will want to continue a friendly discussion with

I'll let you know what happens.  Thanks again for all your help and prayers.  Love, Ann

Dear Ann: So, you've been waiting six months for a reply? The time has come for him to answer.  The fact that he hasn't answered confirms his choice of not answering at all.  Sounds like he's leading you on.  I would give him 2, 3 or 4 more weeks to respond, and that is being more than generous.  For him to say that he still intends to answer the questions is simply to put you off.  You need to give him a cut-off date for his response.  You are NOT putting a burden on him and loading him up with a lot of questions.  The reason you sense a strain in your relationship with him is that for him to be open and transparent in answering your questions would cause him to move out of the traditional rut he's been mired in for years.  He is NOT too busy, and he's had TIME to answer you in the past SIX MONTHS.  I do not join you in your prayer that he "seriously consider the questions (without causing him stress)." Rather, I pray that he will indeed be stressed out by his duplicity in trying to hold you back by failing to respond so he doesn't have to confront and tell you that he believes something that he really doesn't; or if he has any backbone, that his position is contrary to yours.

All discussions should be friendly, and participants should be able to "speak the truth in love" without reprisal or rejection.  However, I would never compromise my beliefs to maintain a "friendly discussion" with anybody.  Because of Him, Barbara

Pastor, Thanks so much for your prayers and support.  Also, thanks for the website.  If it were not for the GWTW website I would not have been properly equipped to discuss this with my pastor.  My questions have definitely forced him to have to think outside his box.  He also knows that I have studied this topic in depth and will not just accept the standard answers.  I do get the feeling he is torn on this issue but would probably prefer to remain in the comfortable rut he has been in for over 30 years. 

I do intend to continue the questions until I have an understanding specifically of why he believes what he does and why our churches policy is the way it is.  I will keep you up-to-date.  Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Ann

Dear Ann: We appreciate your kind words about the website.  Encouraging emails like yours give us the impetus to keep on keeping on! We're believing with you that your pastor will be uncomfortably forced to re-examine the cliches that he's used for so long.  We pray that his box will be made so unstable that he will let all his defenses down and begin to re-examine some of his old patterns that have served him for too long.  Keep us posted.  Because of Him, Barbara

2/25 It is really a disturbing thing to hear the ignorance that goes on amongst our fellow "Christians." The Bible tells you clearly a women's role in the church in 1st Timothy 2:11-15.  It has come to my revelation that a lot of women pastors ignore this passage to maintain their innocence of the matter.  So, please explain to me how a women in a church can Pastor if she is to be always under subjection.  And then too, to cause confusion in the order of creation is to be out right disrespectful.  The Bible teaches us that men are to lead because women are more open to be deceived taught by Paul.  I am not a male chauvinist and do believe women have a place in the church but 1st Timothy 3:1-5 (paying close attention to verse 5) should really seal the deal. 

My dear brother: If you will give us your name, I'll be glad to respond to your email.  Because of Him, Barbara

2/15 Barbara, Gay and Pat, It is good to see you website expanding with a vast wealth of knowledge and liberating information.  The second edition of God's Gals is releasing March 28th online and the 29th in stores.  It can be pre-purchased at any of the online bookstores now and after release.  It should be in bookstores everywhere on March 29th.

The second edition of God's Gals is all about excellence.  After seeing the impact it had on the few women who changed by the one week seminar in 2002, I had to prepare it for an aggressive nationwide push.  The new format is ready for seminaries, Bible schools, church associations, and anywhere truth is welcome.  Each chapter also includes study questions to help make the information stick and root the reader in the truth

With the new publisher and mass distribution the price has dropped as well.  Thank God! The second edition is exactly what God's Gals was intended to be.  Here is the link to the new publisher's website.  Tate Publishing.  www.publishingcom/bookstore/book.php?w=1-9331481-3-6  The new cover can be viewed at the publisher's page link.  The new cover is not as busy and makes the same or greater impression.  Two other books will be releasing soon after if not on the same day.  House of God of Den of Demons?: Get The Hell Out Of The Church and Unusual Calling: The Value of Pain and Suffering.  God bless you abundantly, Gerald McCray

ps As of 12/24/04 I stepped out into full time ministry.  Although I am an ordained deacon and licensed minister, my main ministry is teaching and God has chosen book writing to do it.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated.  It was tough to do with a wife and three children in elementary school but God gave me an ultimatum.  I know it is for his glory.

Dear Gerald: This is wonderful.  It's good to hear from you.  I'm forwarding this to Gay and Barbara so they can share the excitement.  It means a lot to see our brothers take up the case for equality.  Keep us posted on how this is received.  Blessings, Pat

Dear Gerald: We join in Pat's excitement.  I really like the cover with the broken chain on the front.  Too, the teacher in me likes the questions added at the end of the chapters.  The other two books sound like winners as well.  You'll have to send us some "blurbs," giving the essence of those books' contents.  The one on the value of pain and suffering is a neglected message in the church.  Something needs to be said!

I'm delighted to hear about your taking up the ministry full time.  Something that was so emphasized during my Bible college days was, "Where God guides, God provides; where God provides, He promotes; where He promotes, He protects." May that truth in its fullest be yours, brother.  Keep in touch.  Because of Him, Barbara

Hi there:

 I love your website.  It is so freeing! I have recently been introduced to the patriarchy movement, who threw me into a spin spiritually.  I was starting to wonder who God really was, and how could I possibly love a God who devalues women and would force a woman to live in an abusive marriage.  Anyway, I started posting on the forum for www.fullquivermission.com   I soon discovered how they seemed to devalue women (although they would strongly deny that) and think that women simply need to smile and eat you know what with a knife and fork, while her husband is abusing her.  I mentioned that I divorced my ex-husband because he was mentally, emotionally and spiritually abusive to me and have since remarried.  I was told that because he did not commit adultery, that I had no right to divorce him and that I HAD TO divorce my husband because my marriage was not valid to God.  I started going into more detail of how I was abused, how I didn't even know who I was anymore, and I was laughed at on these forums, saying I was being dramatic and basically told I was stupid and rebellious.  Before long I was called vile, a man hater, a bad wife and a whore.  I left that forum, but what they wrote to me stayed with me for a while, and threw me into a spin.  I started thinking "what if they are right, what if God really is like that". 

Since then I have found your website among others which have put me at ease somewhat.  I still sometimes wonder if I am actually living in adultery, even though I was legally married in a church by a Minister, and we now have a 2 year old son, and my husband is more of a father to my daughter than my ex ever was.  How could I love a God who would want to tear my family apart, especially when I left my ex because of abuse!!

Could you please tell me what you think of divorce, done by the woman, in circumstances of mental, emotional and spiritual abuse? I think I did everything I could to save the marriage, went to many Christian counselors, but nothing worked.  My love completely dried up, and I was so happy to be out of that marriage.  I even gave him many chances to prove to me he had changed and was separated for 3 years before divorcing him. 
I would really appreciate a reply, and look forward to it.  God bless.  In Christ Jennifer

Dear Jennifer:  Sorry to be slow in answering, I've been out of town.  So sorry that patriarchy had to rear its ugly head.  It breaks God's heart as it does yours and ours.  Please don't let others condemn you.  Remember, there is not condemnation in Christ.  When the Holy Spirit convicts us, He does not give us those feelings of guilt and condemnation.  He shows us what we need to see in such a way that we can confess it to the Lord, repent and be forgiven.  It's over and done.  What's the saying about God throwing our sins into the depths of the sea and telling us that there is "no fishing" --no going back to look at it again.
You left what was not a marriage after doing all you could to set things right.  God knows your heart.  He has given you a new mate, a child and a father for your daughter.  Accept the gift and thank Him for it.  Don't let the evil one destroy your peace.  Recognize him as the enemy and tell him to get lost in the Name of Jesus.  Then fill your mind with "what is good, true, pure, right, lovely, admirable" The good stuff.  Personally, I sing, or pray in the Spirit or answer with a scripture and remind myself who I am in Christ.

Many people are going to tell you that God did not intend for men and women to be equal, but Jesus said that if we wanted to know how God had it planned we should go back and see how it was in the beginning.  Take a good look at Genesis 1 & 2--we have a scripture study on those verses.  Also look at Genesis 3 to see what cause this mess but be sure that you check out the God's Word to Women section that is suggested so that you get a clear understanding.

Father we ask you to give Jennifer Your peace that passes understanding.  Lord, let her know that she is loved by you and not condemned.  Holy Spirit, give her understanding of the freedom that she has in Christ and lead her to Your will and purpose for her life.  In Jesus name we ask.
Please feel free to write any time.  We're here to answer your questions or just to support.  Blessings, Pat

Dear Pat:  Just a quick note to say thank you so much.  I truly believe that this website is inspired by God and is just so freeing and liberating.  I am going to recommend it to all my friends.  You are right.  God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, a father for my daughter and a gorgeous little son.  Each day I thank Him for his blessings.  God bless you all heaps, while you share the love of God.  In Christ, Jennifer

2/16 Thank you for the information on Islam's view of women.  I know much of this information, but to have it brought to my attention again is necessary.  We like all Christians must see the world that Christ died for, its peoples, their struggle, their pain, their victories.

It still concerns me that in the twentieth first century we continue to have the same plight as women in the first century; having our value marginalized and negated, in many places being treated as non-persons and sadly, having women buy into and accept these oppressive systems. 

The march goes on, we can and continue to impact and empower.   I was filled with joy when I saw my letter in your news letter.  As matter of correction! I'm a man not a woman.  Blessings, Kassim

Dear Kassim: A MAN!!! We are thrilled to know that we have a brother who is taking up the cause.  Please forgive us for misrepresenting you in the newsletter.  Where are you located.  We have all been guessing but considering how poorly we did on knowing your gender, we just better ask.  Sorry, for the slow reply.  I was taking a course and had to finish the work by the 10th and leave for a week-end in Dallas on the 11th.  I'll get some information off to you tomorrow.  Promise! Blessings, Pat

Dear Pat, Thanks for showing interest and welcoming me into the cause, I was not sure of what was going to happen once I told you my gender,  I even said a prayer before sending it over.  But thank God I have sisters!

I m presently running Jesus Christ Ministries (J.C.M) together with my pastor and seven women, trained by ourselves with the Vision of Preaching the Gospel to all nations.90% of this Ministry is made up of women.  Malawian women think that preaching is for men only, but we are saying Jesus Christ had female disciples as well.....You can see how important are gwtw materials to this Ministry...But I'm located in the Nandolo area.  This is where we are based.  We are mainly reaching out to rural areas where women think preaching is for men only and Jesus did not die for them....Kassim

Dear Beloved in the Lord: What a Blessing to land aboard to your website.  Best wishes and congratulations to you for the work you have undertaken.  May God pour out His sweet anointing and Glory in this dynamic ministry.  May the Lord continue to INCREASE you in all you are doing for His kingdom.  Abundant Blessings to you and your family.  Together in the Harvest: Pastor Devin & Simla

Thank you so much for your kind encouragement.  I am sending this to my partners in this venture, Gay and Barbara, and our intercessors so that they too will be blessed.  In His love, Pat Joyce, God's Word to Women

2/1 I want to thank God's Word To Women for your faithfulness in educating the Kingdom of God about the power of women and their roles in the Body of Christ.  The women in my community, who are striving to serve the Lord have been sent excerpts from your recent News Letter. 

We are truly Co-Labors together in a world that need to know our Lord ands Savior in these end-times.   Stay Blessed.  "...A Gift unto Men..."Dr. Junius--D. Min.

1/27 I thank and praise God for being able to log on to such a powerful link of information.  I have received the call from God to Pastor and I just didn't think or see any possibilities that such a role as this could be possible for a women.  I received much confirmation from you link and it only brought tears to my eyes on how disobedient I am in doing what God has called me to do.  Thank you again, please email me more information that will help me to go forward.  God Bless, Minister Cheryl

1/25 I read your article on Women and lies the church tells them. 

I have to say, that in my 52 years I have heard them ALL.  I have also been told that if I did not do what my husband said or left my husband, I would become a prostitute. 

Well, my husband and I have been married 35 years this year, '05, and I can say, I am NOT a prostitute and have been faithful.  I can also say God does speak to women specifically and apart from their husbands. 

Thank you and keep up the good work you are doing by telling the truth about women.  Debra

Dear Debra: Glad you found the chapter from the 10 Lies the Church Tells Women by J. Lee Grady.  Ten? Is that all? Where are the women who will now swallow everything they are taught but will search the scriptures daily to determine if the word they have received is so.  The comparison is with the Bereans mentioned in Acts 17:11.

Certainly I agree with you that God can speak to a wife separately from her husband.  Yes, you are to be commended for being faithful these last 35 years of marriage.  I'm so thankful you never became a prostitute! Keep on reading.  The website is full and running over with good stuff to help women many of whom really don't know exactly who they are in Christ.  Won't the world be amazed when they do? Because of Him, Barbara

1/6 How should we handle gay rights in America.  Should gays be given civil union rights? I am a Christian married women taking a very liberal women's studies course in college.  It is making me more empathetic towards the plight of gays.  I wonder what Jesus would do.  what do you think? Bobbi

Dear Bobbi: I was checking our e-mails and discovered that you had not received an answer.  I figure you have finished the course by now and I wonder what you decided.

I think that Jesus would have loved them.  When Billy Graham was asked what he would to if one of his children were gay, he replied, "I would love them even more." Our Lord goes out of his way to look for lost sheep.  It doesn't make homosexuality right or acceptable but it does show us how we are to minister to them.  blessings, Pat

Dear Pat, Thanks for responding, I had totally forgotten I had sent an email out to your organization.  I knew that was the right heart attitude to have but had really become blinded and judgmental about some things.  There are so many Christians today that are judgmental about certain issues that we forget without love we are only a clashing symbol.  I am teaching a bible study to high school senior girls, they are so awesome.  I would like them to know the women's role and would appreciate any help in recommending a study that would help them see they are not under men or their husbands but side by side and of course back this up biblically.  I love your web site, it was encouraging to me.  Thanks Bobbi

1/1 I thank God for the testimony of Mrs. Pickett.  I am called to the ministry as well.  Your web-site is beautiful.  Continue to bless others as myself, and God will continue to bless you!
1/1 It is such a delight to visit a site for women of God.  I am an ordained evangelist in Dallas, Tx.  It is such good news to believe that there is a few people like myself, who believe that our Lord calls women to be ministers to carry and preach His Word without being fearful of man.

I am constantly reminding God's people that God is no respecter of persons.

Praise the Lord for your faithfulness to stand in the these last days.  I like your healing words.  Keep the good works in Jesus name.  Amen. 

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