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Kenya Articles

Covenant Women’s Fellowship – Kitale, Kenya

Covenant Women’s Fellowship was founded by four women of Covenant City Church in June 2006. The fellowship has continued to grow as the church membership increased. CWF meets for prayers an studies God’s Word in addition to initiating the humanitarian support programs listed above.

The two business endeavors not only provide work and food, they are also a source of income. The money generated is used for clothing, school uniforms, shoes, and basic necessities for the orphan children. It also supplies the HIV/AIDS widows with medication, clothing and food that cannot be grown locally.

God’s Word to Women has seen these projects and can vouch for the integrity of those in oversight. ALL of any help you give will go where you specify with nothing held back for administrative costs.

The Covenant Women’s Fellowship (CWF) has two basic projects. One is aimed at the HIV/AIDS positive widows and their children and orphaned children, the other is for the financial empowerment of women.

Quick Overview

Widows and Orphans -- management by the church insures work ethic and fair distribution of food

1. Purchase land on which to grow food crops
a. Land to be farmed by the widows who are able with the help of other church members
b. Widows need to help themselves as much as possible for both physical and mental health reasons
c. 3 acres @ 180,000 kenyan shillings (KSH) an acre = 540,000 KSH
1. Kenyan shillings are about 70 to 1 dollar
2. Cost per acre about $2570 for a total of $7710

2. Purchase Dairy Cows, Chickens and Goats for ongoing supply of milk, meat and eggs
a. 3 Dairy cows 35,000-40,000 KSH = about $500 to $571 each
b. 4 Goats @2000 each = about $28 each
c. 10 laying hens @ 300 KSH = about $4.00 each or $40 for all 10

Financially Empowering Women: to help alleviate poverty and dependence by teaching hair styling. CWF has a salon but need additional equipment to increase capacity for business and students

2 Hair dryers @ 10,0000 KSH each $150.00 each
2 Blow dryers @ 4000 KSH each $ 57.00 each
2 Steamers @ 13,000 KSH each $185.00 each
2 Curling Irons @ 1,500 KSH each $ 21.00 each
2 Flat irons @ 3,200 KSH each $ 45.00

If you are interested in helping with any part (or all) contact

P.O. Box 3413
Kitale 30200
East Africa
Telephone 254-721-275008
Email: preachchristministry@yahoo.com

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