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Gospel of the Kingdom Ministries Children's Home

The Gospel of the Kingdom Ministries mission project is located in Africa - Kenya, Western province in Kakamega town.  This mission project is located in an area where three-fourths of the people are living under a poverty line where food is scarce surrounded by religion and preaching the Gospel by Pastors Julius and Pamella is bringing a new interest in the community.  Pastors Julius and Pamella have established an orphanage named.  "The Gospel of the Kingdom Children’s Home" for those left fatherless due to the deadly disease of HIV-AIDS .This church is willing to give but too poor to contribute.  Pastor Julius is training this community of believers through various trades how to become self self-supportive and successful people.

In an effort to become self-supportive, Pastor Julius has established a brick-baking project in which he preaches to the people and bakes bricks to sell them to help himself as well as the orphans they are trying to assist.  The pastors also intend to train them in carpentry, tailoring and masonry.  Tailoring would be for girls. 

Immediate needs: food, clothing, medical supplies, school uniforms for the orphans, and sewing machines.  Thank you for helping us help many by any donation you send.  We are grateful for your prayers and efforts to help and are planning on how to give the orphans the Christmas gift.  Your prayers are needed towards this endeavor.  Pastors Julius and Pamella

Contact:  Julius Mbayachi
email:  jmbayachi@yahoo.com

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