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Historical Articles

Does Belief in Women's Equality Lead to an Acceptance of Homosexual Practice?  by Dr. Catherine Clark Kroeger.  Dr. Kroeger gives clear explanation, including scripture reference and word study, to uphold the conviction that one can support  biblical equality without endorsing homosexual practice.

The Meaning of Head by Dr. Kluane Spake.  The traditional interpretation of headship in the English language means that man has authority over the woman. Is this true and if not, why not ? In an excellent article Dr. Kluane Spake traces the origins of the traditional position on headship and reveals the flaws and unbiblical nature of such teaching.

The Story of God: Women in the Early Church  by Pamela Walford.  Want to know how the church's traditional position on women evolved?  In this outstanding article, Pamela Walford reveals how, in less than 400 years following the deaths of the last apostles, the early Christian church yielded to the influence of the Greco-Roman culture in which it was immersed.  It relinquished  the egalitarianism that had been established by Jesus and set the stage for the subjugation and silencing of women that has spanned more than two millennia and continues to detrimentally impact the lives of women today.

The Evangelical Debate over Biblical "Headship"   by Dr. David M. Scholer.  In this scholarly article, Dr Scholer provides a synopsis of the debate over biblical headship. Much of the Christian literature in the past five years on domestic violence and sexual abuse of women, especially evangelical publications, contains pointed discussions of the relationship between biblical teachings of "male headship" and the reality of abused and battered women. Included are studies on kephale and authentein on the precise points upon which the so-called headship debate rests.

Women in the New Testament:  A Middle Eastern Cultural View by Dr. Kenneth Bailey.  Dr. Bailey has kindly given permission for us to offer his article, "Women in the New Testament: A Middle Eastern Cultural View."   This article was written in 1995.  The truth about God's view of women is not new, it has been clearly stated over and over.  Dr. Bailey, a renowned theologian, shows through careful consideration of scripture that biblically there is no ground for discrimination against women.  It is amazing, that in the church, the tradition remains so prevalent.

Remember Maria by Mary Scantlin.  As she worked on her  certification to teach Dr. Susan Hyatt’s course, The Spirit, The Bible and Women, she became aware of the many women who had tremendous ministries  but were seldom mentioned in church history.  Her article on Maria Woodworth-Etter brings at least one of these unknown warriors to our attention.  Mary believes that knowing of those who have gone before will encourage women to act on the call that God has on their lives.

Did Jepthah Kill His Daughter for a Burnt Offering or Not? by Francine Erre.  The debate continues as to whether or not Jephthah sacrificed his daughter as a burnt offering.  Since even Bible scholars are divided on the question, it is hard to find the answer.  This article lays out the facts and let's you make up your own mind.  Excellent and informative!!!

The Silence That Shouts by Pamela Walford.  This article challenges the traditional view that God is noncommittal and neutral about the atrocities against women in the book of Judges.  She has written a truly penetrating article on the Book of Judges.

The Vashti-Esther Story - by Katharine Bushnell.  Would you think it possible to write an article on the book of Esther without focusing on the time spent in preparation for presentation to the king? Here it is.  A rare gem preserved for our day, the article is timely truth revealing the heart of God.  This is the only writing by Bushnell that we have been able to find besides God's Word to Women.  If any of you have access to more of her material, please contact us.  We would like to see whatever is left of her work preserved. 

The Lord's Tsunami by Barbara Wentroble.  A tsunami takes place because of a shift in the plates of the earth.  That natural shift represents a spiritual shift that is releasing men and women to work together in a full and equal partnership.  This article also shows how the church has been influenced by Greek philosophy rather than scripture when it comes to its traditions on the place of women.

 Just Say 'No' To Psycho-Babble by Leslie Johnson with Gary Johnson.  Here is an excellent short article encouraging the people of God to judge by the Word rather than "pop-psychology theories and mindless suppositions regarding gender tendencies."  Leslie is the author of Does God Really Prefer Men.

The Legacy of Katharine Bushnell by Ruth Hoppin.  Ruth's article gives further information on the life and work of Katharine C. Bushnell who is the author of God's Word to Women, the book that inspired this website.

A Biblical Theology of Womanhood for Spirit-Oriented Believers, A Course Designed for Pentecostal Charismatic Training Contexts - by Dr. Susan C. Hyatt.  This doctoral dissertation is a treasury of information and research in a readable and useable format.  We recommend that you look at the table of contents to see the breadth of material available in this document. 

We are Witnesses to a Mystery by Ruth Hoppin.  The first chapter and a paragraph from the ending of the book entitled "Charge to the Jury," is taken from Priscilla's Letter, Finding the Author of the Epistle to the Hebrews which is written as a fascinating trial where the evidence is laid out before a jury.  The book was taken out of print after only a few months of availability.  Circumstances suggest deliberate suppression due to the influence of those who regard the concept of female authorship of the Epistle to the Hebrews intolerable.  Fascinating!

Helen Barrett Montgomery's Centenary Translation of the New Testament Characteristics and Influences by Dr. Sharyn Dowd.  The purpose of this article is to call attention to Helen Barrett Montgomery's translation of the New Testament into contemporary English, published in 1924.  While Montgomery credits many male sources other interpretations which appear to have been borrowed from Katharine Bushnell are not credited.  This paper examines the evidence that Katharine Bushnell was a probable source.  Dr. Dowd’s notes will be of particular interest to those doing research on women’s issues.

Women of Destiny Conference by Cindy Jacobs this is a report on the "Women of Destiny Conference" that was held in the Spring of 1999.  We feel that the information about how the sins of our founding fathers birthed genetic defects in the American Church regarding the place of women in society and in the Church is important and needs to be available to as broad an audience as possible. 

A Brief History of Some Women In Minstry by Richard Riss.  From the first century to the present God has used women.  This article will be an eye opener for most of us. 

Kathryn Kuhlman A short article on the life of this amazing woman. 

Priscilla and Phoebe show us about Paul by David Fees.  A careful look at the writing of Paul concerning Priscilla and Phoebe reveal about Paul’s beliefs about the function and place of women.

Fall 2004 Newsletter Articles on Susan B. Anthony, the the suffrage movement and the privilege of voting.

Jezebel Spirit Unmasked by Gay Anderson.  The Summer 2001 newsletter article contests both the validity of the term Jezebel spirit and the use of this term against women in ministry. 

Who Was Katherine Bushnell? by Pat Joyce.  A biographical tribute to this remarkable woman.

Why Modern Patriarchy Is Not Biblical by Kathryn J. Riss, Th.M.  This article details the continuing problems brought on by patriarchy in modern society and provides biblical evidence that patriarchy is not God's idea. 

See Also the Women in Church History Section

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