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Word Study

Authority as found in 1 Timothy 2:12

"Re: authentein in 1Timothy 2:12.  This word is found only in this one place in the New Testament and refers to someone who claims to be the author or originator of something or someone.  Paul is countering the early gnostic teaching of creation which portrayed Eve as the one who instructed Adam and gave him life.  According to this strange doctrine, since Eve was the authentein of the human race, her daughters were also to be considered the authentein of their generations, supposedly giving them a priority or primacy over men in all of life.  Dr. Susan Hyatt In the Spirit We're Equal."

Paul is not saying that all women for all time should not have authority (in the way that we understand the word) over any male.  Our definition of authority used in this scripture would contradict the endorsement for leadership that Paul gives to Pricilla, Phoebe and many other women who were leaders for both men and women in the early church.  A leadership based on the gifting of the Spirit and not on gender.

See Scripture Study on 1 Timothy 2:12


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