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From "Fists and Fury" to Reconciliation and Peace

Click here to view the powerful video testimony of Paul Hegstrom's transformation! WOW! Glory to God!

Books by Paul Hegstrom:

"Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them Breaking the Cycle of Physical and Emotional Abuse" by Paul Hegstrom (from the back cover of the softcover edition)

Paul Hegstrom lived the first 40 years of his life not understanding the driving force that caused him to self-destruct again and again. A failed marriage that was full of violence, a second relationship that was even more violent, $20,000 worth of therapy that could not bring change--and still the rage continued. Violence, drugs, and alcohol became a way of life until the threat of a long-term jail sentence brought him to the reality that he needed help. Facing severe consequences, Paul was motivated to discover the roots of his problems and begin the healing process.

The dramatic change of outlook in his life led Paul to take steps to help thousands of families facing the same jeopardy his suffered. Over 16,000 hours of research and 28,000 hours of facilitating domestic violence groups for women and developing a teen program were all a part of the development of the Life Skills program. In centers all around the world, the "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" program now brings help to hurting men, women, and children.

In addition, Paul remarried his first wife over 15 years ago, and the second marriage has been free of emotional and physical abuse since its beginning. Paul and Judy Hegstrom live in Aurora, Colorado.


"Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them - Breaking the Cycle of Physical and Emotional Abuse"
by Paul Hegstrom
(from the back cover of the hardcover edition)

Domestic abuse knows no boundaries. Despite a dramatic increase in public awareness, it defiantly rears its ugly head, both physically and emotionally, in the homes of the rich as well as the poor, newlyweds as well as long-married couples, Christians as well as non-Christians.

Paul Hegstrom should know. From the earliest years of his marriage, he handled his problems and frustrations the only way he knew how: with fists and fury. Talking about the problem only intensified his rage. Going into the Christian ministry didn't help either, the guilt merely magnified his despair. Facing a charge of attempted murder and a prison term, Hegstrom got the wake-up call he needed. With professional help and an intense struggle with spiritual issues, he began the lengthy process of healing and recovery.

Through a fascinating, yet thorough examination of the psychological components of various types of abuse, along with true examples from his own life and others, Hegstrom points the way back to wholeness and freedom. An invaluable aid for the man who batters, the woman who feels trapped, and the pastor, counselor, or friend who desperately want to help them both, Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them offers straight answers for those willing to overcome the cycle of violence.

(To preview some free excerpts and read reviews of this book click here to visit Christian Book Distributors)

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