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Leslie Johnson

Leslie Johnson, along with husband Gary, has been in Christian ministry for nearly two decades.   Working with the Salvation Army for several years in Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas, Leslie considers it a privilege to have been involved in many aspects of ministry.   Striving to be the “hands of Jesus”, Leslie and Gary ministered to the homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics, unwed mothers, inner city youth and prisoners.   This couple’s call to prison ministry also resulted in “parenting” Christian ex-offenders, living with these former inmates and helping them to adjust to life after incarceration.   And almost ten years of Leslie’s life was dedicated to meeting the needs of troubled adolescents in Mississippi and south Florida as she and Gary became “mother” and “father” to countless children who had been abused and neglected.   And, finally, Leslie and her husband founded and operated a non-profit Christian community of their own called The Lighthouse.   Leslie and Gary have been happily married for nearly 20 years and have two children,  Jacob Israel and Sara Mishael.

Leslie Johnson and her husband, Gary, are the authors of Does God Really Prefer Men? An Open Letter To The Church In America, and have been in Christian ministry for nearly two decades.  (Which we are GWTW highly recommend.) You can visit them on the web and buy the book at www.doesgodreallyprefermen.com.

Just Say ‘No’ To Psycho-Babble!

by Leslie Johnson

There have been times in the history of God’s Church – pivotal times – when conditions were ripe for revolution.  Martin Luther’s 1517 revelation that justification was by faith alone exposed the Church’s corrupt leadership and spearheaded the Protestant Reformation.  In the 1700’s, men like Jonathan Edwards and George Whitfield countered the Age of Enlightenment with the Age of Faith, ushering in America’s first Great Awakening and preaching that slavery was a sin.  And the 1900’s witnessed the revival of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, successfully bringing the Church back to her Pentecostal roots.  Year by year, great movement by great movement, God is unstopping the ancient wells of Christianity.  The life-source of our fathers – justification by grace, a life of reverence, fairness and faith and the treasured gifts of the Holy Spirit – has been restored to the Body of Christ.  But there is yet another revolution afoot.  Today, we are witnessing God’s women being restored to their rightful position in the Kingdom. 

And it brings great joy to see this work of God, to be able to say to my children, “You see that woman preaching? That is something I had never even heard of when I was your age!” Apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists – God’s women are being restored to their rightful position in the Body.  But, rest assured, the devil will never roll over and admit defeat.  If he can’t stop the progress of God’s Kingdom, he’ll do whatever he can to stunt its growth.  I am sickened when I hear accomplished, anointed men and women of God pigeon-hole saints according to pop-psychology theories and mindless suppositions regarding gender tendencies.  How many times must Christian women hear that all they must do to keep their marriage strong is make sure their husbands get plenty of sex? And Christian husbands are repeatedly told that their wives just want to be heard and ministered to emotionally.  Do these able leaders of ours even realize that the bottom line of their message is this: “Women are not sexual and men are not emotional and intellectual”? What an insult to both genders who have been made in the likeness of God. 

The Word must be our guide…not Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus.  And according to the Word, every born-again Christian has been given the mind of Christ , is a “son of God” and “joint heir with Christ Jesus.”   Yes, the divine revolution of biblical gender equality is afoot.  Let us not slow down the move of God by indulging in psycho-babble.  We must stick to the Word!


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